WLAN extend or wireless range extension. Read about the easy ways to make the range of your WiFi network much longer and your wireless signal stronger. Get all the tips and tricks here.

Seven Ways for WLAN Extend

WLAN extend

WLAN extend

You can use the following easy and quite simple ways for making your wireless network bigger, your WiFi signal stronger and the speed faster.

  1. Use a wireless repeater – with the wireless distribution system or without.
  2. Increase the AP power.
  3. Do the adequate wireless site survey.
  4. Use the secondary AP or access point with non-overlapping channels.
  5. Use the WiFi signal booster.
  6. Use the 5th WiFi generation – 802.11ac.
  7. Using of WiFi antenna.

You could read nice article about WLAN extend and ways to extend your wireless network on How to Extend a Wireless Network.

There are different WiFi signals. All the WiFi signals work according to the WLAN standards. These standards define the speed, range, frequency, modulation and the number of channels of the WiFi signals.

To learn about these different standards you can read What does WLAN stand for.

The newest generation of the WiFi – 802.11ac is using a very interesting feature called Beamforming. Wireless router with the beamforming can offer you higher speeds over longer distances. Read about this fascinated feature in 802.11ac – The Advantages and Disadvantages of the 5th WiFi Generation.

The Interference of the Wireless Signal

The Interference of the radio signal in the wireless network can have a big impact on the strength, the range and speed of the wireless signal. In the frequency spectrum of 2.4 GHz there are lots of different sources of the radio signals that can degrade the signal of your wireless router.

802.11ac, beside the beamforming, have one extra advantage. It is working only in the 5 GHz frequency. On the 5 GHz there is a much lower possibility of interference.

Obstacles like walls, steel reinforcements or the natural obstacles could cause degradation or complete loss of signal. Black spots are places where there is no signal at all.

Do you have problems with the poor WiFi signal in your wireless network? Do you have some blind spots? WLAN extend and wireless range ways can help you with that. If you have some questions and experiences with the interference and poor WiFi signal, leave the comment.

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