WLAN advantages – what are they? The number of wireless connections is dominant compared to wired connections. Some new laptops don’t even have the Ethernet port. Check all the benefits of the WiFi technology.

WLAN advantages

WLAN advantages

Every WLAN network is build from four basic elements. Find out about them in WLAN formation.

WLAN Advantages

The advantages of the wireless connections

  • Flexible
  • Greater mobility
  • Enables network connection for different kinds of devices
  • No cables – no mess
  • Increased productivity

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Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility and mobility are one of the best WLAN advantages. You don’t need to bother with the Ethernet connection and cable. Your laptop, especially tablet and phone, can be connected to the internet in a second. You can be on-line anytime and everywhere.

The WiFi hot spot in almost every coffee shop.  Free WiFi hotspots are available almost in every corner of the bigger cities.

Enables Network Connection for Different Kinds of Devices

Wireless internet card enables wireless connection to the computers. Smaller mobile devices, like phones and tablets, can have the wireless internet access. Today, even refrigerators, baby alarms, smoke detectors, TVs, DVDs, speakers have wireless connection.

These WLAN advantages have especially helped that WiFi has become so popular today. Almost every kid today knows about the WiFi, but few people have heard for the Ethernet.

No Cables – no Mess

Ethernet cable, cables for keyboard and mouse can cause the big mess on your work place. The cables for speakers, and other audio and video devices can be problem at your home. Wireless connectivity of the devices eliminates all these problems.

Increases Productivity

Some researches have shown that WiFi increases productivity. Wireless internet access enables people to work from virtually everywhere.

Read about when and why to use WLAN on when to use WLAN.

WLAN Disadvantages

  • Higher price
  • Interference
  • Less reliable
  • Security

Higher Price

Wired switches are cheaper compared to access points and wireless routers. The price of cables and installation is cheaper than wireless equipment.

But you need to take into account, the cost of maintenance of wired networks. New  network connections can bring substantial cost. So this higher price of wireless access is disputable.

Interference and Reliability

Interference and lower reliability are the biggest problem of the wireless network. Wired networks are more reliable. The Ethernet connection has rarely had any connectivity problems. Wireless connectivity is another story. Other wireless signal can cause the interference, lower the speed of the wireless connection or even break the network connection.

With the proper site survey and using the quality wireless equipment, you can reduce the interference and increase the reliability.


Security in the WiFi networks is no longer an issue. Implementing the five steps, I have already mentioned in the wireless internet security you can make your network more secure than wired. Without any or inadequately implemented wireless security you can have a huge problem.


There are many WLAN advantages. They are the main reason of the popularity of the WiFi technology. Wireless access is dominant at home and public places. This dominance will even grow with time.

In an enterprise environment, wired connection is still in the majority. This will change in time for sure, but the devices like:

  • servers
  • network devices
  • infrastructure devices

will always have a network connection.

More about the WLAN advantages you can read in an 802.11 outlook.

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  1. Tomas Killington says:

    My brother recently started a computer gaming club in his home. He wants to make sure there is enough bandwidth for everybody playing, so he’s looking at different connectivity options. I didn’t realize wired internet is able to provide stronger connections through the use of Ethernet cables. I’ll be sure to share this information with my brother.

  2. Chris Labbate says:

    Both wireless and wired have their own benefits depending on the usage and needs person to person and business to business. Connection speed is usually faster in wired connections and they are more secure too.

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