Wireless speaker system gives you a lot of advantages, compared to classical speakers, but also a few of the disadvantages. Let’s go together through this article and find out should you buy them.

Wireless Speaker System

Wireless Speaker System

The Advantages of the Wireless Speaker System

There are lots of advantages of the wireless speakers, so I will give you the most important six:

  1. There are no wires between the speakers and a sound system
  2. Easy installation and setup
  3. Wireless speakers  are very mobile
  4. They are quite durable
  5. Wireless speakers can work with other devices
  6. They can offer the same sound quality as classical speakers.

Wireless Speakers are Without the Wires

The main advantage of the wireless speaker system is quite obvious – they have no wires. You don’t need to worry about all the cable around the furniture and other obstacles. No worry about tripping over the cables or trying to hide them. Just put them wherever you want without worrying for wires – except for the power cables.

Easy installation and Setup

The most of wireless loudspeakers are easy to install in a few minutes. Watch the video of the installation of one wireless speaker system.

Wireless Speakers are Very Mobile

Wireless loudspeakers are quite mobile. You can place them everywhere you want, in every room you desire. Imagine taking a bath while listening the crystal clean sound of your favorite music. You could also use them outdoors. Organize the party in your garden with the great music. Just check the specs to be sure you can use them outdoors.

They are Quite Durable

Wireless loudspeakers are also durable. They are more durable to weather conditions and some of them are waterproof so you could use them outside during the rain.

Wireless Speakers Can Work With Other Devices

Wireless loudspeakers can work with many electronic devices – stereos, home theaters, DVD players, game consoles, and computers. Before buying them, check the compatibility with other devices. If you buy WiFi and Bluetooth devices, they can be compatible with the most of audio sources.

They Can Offer the Same Sound Quality as Classical Speakers

Audiophiles may think that wireless loudspeakers are far inferior to the classical speakers. Well balanced wireless speaker system can get your big output power levels with bright, crisp highs, punchy focused mids and full-bodied lows.

The Disadvantages of the Wireless Speaker System

Wireless speakers have also disadvantages:

  1. Most of them still need  a power cable
  2. If they have no power cable, the batteries will not last long
  3. Interference with the other wireless signals
  4. Wireless speakers are more expensive

Most of them Still Need a Power Cable

Most of the wireless loudspeakers still need a cable to the power source. There are loudspeakers without the power cable, but they need the batteries. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for the expected life of the battery.

Interference with the Other Wireless Signals

If you are using a WiFi and Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity, there could be the interference problem with other wireless signals. The physical obstacles like walls and metal could influence on the wireless signal. Take care where you put the wireless transmitter.

Conclusion – To Buy Them or Not

If you take in consideration all the advantages and compare them with the disadvantages, I think that it is a good decision to buy the wireless speaker system. I recommend that you read about the wireless home theater systems and the technologies for the wireless connectivity on wireless home theater system. Check also the review of the  10 Best Wireless Speakers.

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