Wireless signal booster is a device which boosts the wireless signal and increases the effective range and the coverage of the wireless network.

Wireless Signal Booster Overview

Different Types of the Wireless Signal Booster

On the market you can find different versions of the wireless boosters:

  • WiFi signal booster
  • cellular signal booster
  • software WiFi booster.

For boosting your WiFi signal you can use six methods:

More about this you can read on WLAN Extend.

WiFi Signal Booster

WiFi signal booster is a wireless booster for WiFi signals. We can group WiFi signal boosters according to the position in the WiFi network. One group is on the side of the wireless router and the other is on the client side.

The types of the WiFi signal boosters:

  • wireless signal booster for the wireless routers and access points
  • WiFi booster for the clients

WiFi booster for wireless routers expands the range of a WiFi network by repeating the signal from the wireless router and redistributing the WiFi signal to new locations. On the right, you can see Amped SR300 – Wireless signal booster for the wireless router. It has the best marks from the customer reviews on the Amazon.

The other way to increase the wireless signal of your wireless router is the WiFi antenna. Read about this in The Best WiFi Antenna.

On the left image there is a WiFi booster for clients. You need to insert the WiFi signal booster for clients in the USB port of your computer. It makes the signal of the wireless router much stronger, comparing to the WiFi signal  that your computer gets over built-in WiFi card. This kind of wireless signal booster can be also called the USB WiFi adapter.

More about the USB WiFi adapters you can read on USB WiFi Antenna.

Learn how to make your own WiFi signal booster for less than 1 dollar in the article WiFi Signal Booster.

Cellular Signal Booster

The wireless customers often have a problem with the poor signal for their cellular phones. Wireless signal booster increases the poor cellular signal.

There millions of Americans have been using signal boosters in their homes, because of the poor cellular signal. Lately there are new regulations for having this kind of wireless signal booster. You need to have written consent from your mobile carrier. The FCC – Federal Communications Commission has made new rules for the usage of wireless signal boosters in homes, RVs, boats and other places. More about this you can read in Wireless boosters are no longer allowed.

Wilson Electronics – DB Pro – Cellular signal booster works on 800/1900 MHz frequency for all generations of the CDMA, TDMA and GSM. It is very easy to install and it works wirelessly with many cell phones and wireless data card simultaneously. This cellular signal booster has the best marks from the customer reviews.

WiFi signal booster

WiFi signal booster

Software WiFi Booster

WiFi Signal booster app improves the WiFi signal and strength of your Android device. The authors guarantee that the wireless signal booster can really improve your signal reception. It has the following features:

  • Displays a diagram of signal strength
  • Refresh and reconnect to the WiFi router
  • Recover the lost wireless signal with the click.

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