Wireless router setup? Wireless home network security depends on the wireless router setup. Investing a time and energy in the proper wireless network security can save you from lots of troubles.

The Importance of Proper Wireless Router Setup

Wireless Router Setup

Wireless Router Setup

I have read the stories of people who had privacy, financial and legal problems, because their wireless home network has been hacked. Please go through this article and apply the tips to your wireless home network.

Two Ways of Wireless Router Setup

There are two ways for setting up the wireless router:

  • automatic setup with the setup software
  • manual configuration.

I don’t recommend the automatic setup, because the manual configuration offers better flexibility and enables configuration of the bulletproof security in your wireless home network. Before you proceed with the wireless router setup, please read my two previous posts – Setting Up a Wireless Network and Wireless Internet Security.

Automatic Setup with the Setup Software

As I already mentioned, I don’t recommend the automatic setup, because manual configuration has more option and it is not complicated at all. In automatic setup, for the Linksys wireless router, you need to put the DVD in your computer and follow the Quick installation guide from the Setup software. Automatic setup with the setup software is usually very easy to follow. Use the following guidelines:

  • Change the default password for admin user. Use the non-dictionary password with combination of small and capital letters with the numbers.
  • Change the default SSID. Don’t use your personal information. Use both letters and numbers.
  • Use the passphrase different from the admin password. The same recommendations, I mentioned for the password, are also suitable for the passphrase.

The Manual Configuration

The manual wireless router setup, in eight steps for five minutes, makes your home wireless network unbreakable.

1. Connect your computer to the wireless router with the UTP cable. The Wireless routers have usually four Ethernet ports for wired network connections. Use one of the ports.

2. Connect to the wireless router using your internet browser.

  • Put the following URL in the browser

The is the most common default IP address for most of the wireless routers. If you can’t connect, your router has different IP address. In my previous post – Wireless Router IP Address, you can find the IP address of your router.

  • Enter username and password. The default username is admin and password is admin.

If this is not correct, check the documentation, which you get with the router, or check the manufacturer’s website.

3. Change the password for the admin user used for configuration of the router.

  • Use combination of the small and capital letters with the numbers and non-alphanumeric characters.  Do not use the non-dictionary words.
  • In my case, I used the first letters of the words in the sentence. The sentence is “The best example of the bulletproofed password – Igor Bartolic from The Best Wireless Internet in February 2 2014.”. The password derived from the sentence is “Tbeotbp-IBfTBWIiF22014.”.

4. Allow the Local Management Access only via HTTPS and Disable access via wireless. After applying the configuration, you will lose the connection to the device. You need to change the URL in the browser to This is because you have granted access only via HTTPS tunnel.

5. Disable the Wi-Fi Protected Setup and WPS. Choose the Manual wireless configuration. There are some security problems with the WPS, so use the manual wireless configuration.

6. Change the SSID. Use combination of small and capital letters with the numbers.

  • In my case, I used the first letters of the words in the sentence – “Change the SSID once a month and never use the default one”. The SSID in my configuration is CtS1amanutdo.

7. Select the WPA2 Personal for the Security Mode and enter the Passphrase.

  • Use the same requirements like for the password. I used the first letters in the sentence “I am configuring the bulletproofed wireless security – The Best Wireless Internet – February 2nd 2014.”. My passphrase is “Imctbws-TBWI-F2nd2014.”.

8. Enable the Wireless MAC Filter function and insert the MAC address of your wireless card. Only the clients, which MAC addresses are in the MAC Filter table, will be able accessing your wireless network.

The Conclusion of the Wireless Router Setup

Using the manual configuration, for the wireless router setup and this eight steps, your wireless security will be bulletproofed. It only takes five minutes. If you change regularly the admin password, SSID and passphrase every month, your wireless security will be unbreakable. Share your thoughts, questions and experiences in the comments below.

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Wireless Router Deals

After learning the wireless router setup, maybe you are interested to find latest Wireless router deals:

DOMOD 300Mbps WiFi Router Long Range Extender

  • Small but powerful wireless router and range extender
  • Speed up to 300 Mbps
  • Easy and simple to use

Netgear R6120-100NAS AC1200 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router

  • WiFi Router for speeds up to 300/1200 Mbps
  • New AC standard – 5G
  • Works with all AC devices

Linksys Velop Tri-band Whole Home WiFi Mesh System

  • Tri Band WiFi System
  • Mesh Wi-Fi solution for connecting with each other in a single network
  • If  node loses connection, the other units automatically re-establish the Internet connection
  • Very powerful to Wi-Fi range up to 6,000 square feet
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    Dear, I want to know that how can i get unbreakable internet on my PC. I have connected two(1-Via Lan cable, 2- Via 3g Datacard) network on My PC. Actually some time my LAN cable connection got down, then how can i got the internet from 3G datacard without break and as LAN Connection cake back thane it should be used automatically.
    Please help me regarding this. I have searched many times on Google about this but no luck.

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