You can find lots of wireless router reviews on the internet and in the computer magazines. But are they all relevant and are they really showing the best WiFi routers?

Wireless Router Reviews

Wireless router reviews

Wireless router reviews

If you check different expert reviews on the internet and computer magazines, you will notice that sometimes they declare a different WiFi router for winners. Sometimes they even have very different candidates in the wireless router reviews.

With their expertise, for sure they can choose the device with the best features, speed, range and coverage. The biggest problem with this kind of wireless router reviews is that the experts have quite limited time for testing all these wireless routers. The reliability, stability is very hard to test in the limited time period.

Customer Reviews of the Wireless Routers

Customer reviews are usually more reliable in testing the reliability and stability in longer time period. The most relevant customer wireless router reviews are those with a very high number of reviews. There are cases when the manufacturers are manipulating with this kind of reviews. If you have a great number of customer reviews, the rating is more relevant.

Finding the best Wireless Router

If you are just planning to buy the new WiFi router, this post can save you lots of time and money. With the combination of expert reviews and the wireless router reviews from the customers, you can get the best wireless router. Here you can find the wireless routers with great rates from both resources – expert and customer reviews. With this approach we can find wireless router that has great features, but it is also reliable.

The wireless router reviews, you need to take in consideration the following:

  • Cost
  • Technical features
  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Are they WiFi certified

More about these criteria and how to find the best wireless router, you can read in the post The Best Wireless Router and How to Find it.

The best Wireless Routers in 2014

The following WiFi routers have in both customer and expert wireless router reviews high rates in 2014:

Securifi Almond router

In the earlier post, I have also mentioned this WiFi router as the WiFi booster with the best customer reviews. This is the extra reason why it is on my first place.


ASUS RT-AC66U is the 802.11ac router for OK price and with very good customer reviews. It is dual-band wireless router with the great performance in the 5 GHz band. It also has lots of great features. IPv6 support and VPN functionality are very useful features. It is very easy to configure and use.

The Conclusion for Wireless Router Reviews

There are lots of wireless router reviews with the different results so it is not very easy to choose the best wireless router for you. In my opinion the wireless routers, that have great rates in both expert and customer wireless router reviews, are the best choice.

My advice is that you buy a Securifi Almond router or ASUS RT-AC66U. If you have experience with these two wireless routers, or some other WiFi routers, please leave the comment below.

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