Wireless router IP address is important parameter. Read how to get it very easy and fast.

Wireless Router IP Address

How to detect the wireless router IP address? In this post I will show you very easy way to find the IP address of your wireless router.

There are two ways to obtain the wireless router IP address:

  1. From your Network connections
  2. From the Command prompt

Wireless or Wired Connection to the Network

To be able to get the wireless router IP address and connect to it, you need to have the network connection. The connection can be wired or wireless.

If for some reason, you cannot connect to your wireless network, you will need to use the UTP cable. Connect one side of the cable to your network interface on the computer. The other side of the cable you need to connect to the Ethernet port of the wireless router.

Wireless Router IP Address from the Network connections

See in the video how to get the router IP address from the network connections with a just few clicks of the mouse:

  • Click on the Network icon on the right side of your taskbar.
  • In the Network and Sharing window click on the Local Area Connection
  • In the Local Area Connection Status window click on the Details
  • IPv4 Default Gateway is the IP address of your wireless router – in my case

Wireless Router IP Address from the Command Prompt

Check the video of procedure of getting the wireless router IP address. The marked Default Gateway IP address is the IP address of the wireless router.

1) Connect Your Computer to the Network

  • If you don’t have the correct security settings for the wireless network, you will need to use the cable.Network-doesn-work-1 Network-doesn-work-2 The procedure is described above. You have a problem with the network connection, if you have the icons on the right in your Taskbar.
  • Check your wireless settings – if you are trying to establish wireless connection. Check the cable and the connectors on the computer and wireless router – if you are establishing wired connection.
  • Your computer is getting an IP address automatically – this is the default setting. You will get the IP address from your Wireless Router (from built-in DHCP server).

2) List the IP Configuration in the Command PromptRUN window

  • Click the Start button, and then click Run.
  • In the Run window type cmd and click OK.
  • Type the ipconfig in the Command Promt. You will get something like this:
command prompt IP address

command prompt IP address

  • On this printout only my Wireless LAN adapter was active, so you can see my IP configuration. IPv4 Address of my PC is and the Subnet Mask is
  • The most important parameter is a Default Gateway. The Default Gateway is in fact your wireless router. In this example the wireless router IP address is

3) Logging to a Wireless Router wireless router IP address Login Page

  • Enter the IP address of Wireless Router in your web browser. You will get the login window where you need to enter the User Name and Password of your wireless router.
  • After typing a correct User Name and Password you will get the home page. Now you can start Setting up your Wireless Router.

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