Wireless printers? Do you think that wireless printers are not so good as classic network printers?Read this article, go through the pros and cons and you may change your mind.

Wireless Printers

The Advantages of the Wireless Printers

The advantages of the wireless printer are:

  1. No need for cables
  2. More users can use one printer
  3. Possibility to print from other devices
  4. Printing while you move
  5. No need for installation of the cables, jacks and connectors

No Need for Cables

The obvious benefit of the wireless printers is that they don’t need the cables, except the power cable.   There is no need for installation of the cables, jacks and connectors. You could place the wireless printer wherever you want, it just needs to be in the range of the wireless network.

More Persons can Use one Printer

Like with the classical wired network printers, the more users can use one wireless printer. You can have one wireless printer for a whole office. The printer can be on another floor or even another building, as long it is within the wireless network range.

Possibility to Print from the Other Devices

Only using a wireless printer you can print from the mobile phone, tablet or even a camera with built-in WiFi. In my opinion, this is the most important benefit of the wireless printers.

Printing while you Move

You can walk and in the same time send a document for printing, from the mobile phone, to the wireless printer. This can be also a big benefit of the wireless printers, especially if you are in a rush.

No Need for Installation of the Cables and Connector

You can even save the money, because with the wireless printers you don’t need installation of the cables and connectors.

The Disadvantages of the Wireless Printers

Beside benefits, the wireless router also has disadvantages:

  1. You need a wireless router or an access point
  2. Possible interference
  3. The range
  4. Possible security issue

You Need a Wireless Router

You cannot have the wireless printer without a wireless network. This means you need to have a wireless router or the access point. This is not a big disadvantage, because most homes and offices today already have their wireless network.

Possible interference

If you place the wireless printer in the proper position, there shouldn’t be a problem with the interference.

The Range

The range of the wireless network is limitation for placement. If you are using a one wireless printer in a large office and building, the range could be the biggest problem of the wireless printers. The problem can be solved by using the latest WiFi standards and the proper placement of the wireless printer.

The latest WiFi standards are the 802.11ac and 802.11n. More about them read on 802.11ac and 802.11n.

Possible Security Issue

You could have security issue with use of the wireless printers. This shouldn’t be the problem, because with the proper security settings, your wireless network can be more secure than a wired network.

More about the WiFi security you can read in wireless internet security.

Final Conclusion about the Wireless Printers

When you compare the advantages and disadvantages of the wireless printers, in my opinion, it is better to buy the wireless printer than a classical network printer.

All disadvantages that I have listed have the relatively easy solution. Also the price of the wireless printers isn’t much higher than price of classical printers.

Below you can watch the funny video about how to set up a wireless printer:

Great review of the wireless printers you can read on The 10 Best Wireless Printers. My advice is that you also read the post Bluetooth Printer and How to Turn Old Printer to the Wireless Printer.

Do you have experience with the wireless printers or any questions about them, please leave the comment below.

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