Wireless Outdoor Speakers? The barbecue, pool party, relaxing in the garden are much better with your favorite music. Have you thought about the wireless outdoor speakers? Read this article and go through the pros and cons of the outdoor wireless speakers.

The Advantages of the Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor wireless speakers are a great choice for the outdoor environment. Go through their advantages:

  1. No wires needed
  2. Easy hardware installation
  3. Almost unlimited mobility
  4. Wireless speakers can produce sound from many devices
  5. Durability

No Wires Needed for the Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Wireless outdoor speakers with the battery don’t have any wires. Outside installation of the classical speakers could be a quite a problem. Without cables you have the absolute freedom.

Easy Hardware Installation

Hardware installation can’t be easier. You just place the speaker wherever you want and don’t mind the cables. The only thing you need to keep in mind is a wireless reachability.

The range could be about 150 feet or 45 meters, but please check the exact values in the manufacturer’s specs.

Almost Unlimited Mobility

Wireless outdoor speakers have almost unlimited mobility. You can place them inside, or outside. The only limited factor is the range of the wireless signal.

Wireless Speakers Can Produce Sound from Many Devices

They could play the music from DVD player, mobile phone, computer and tablet. Simply connect the speakers to the wireless signal of the devices and that’s it.


Most of the outdoor wireless speakers are water resistant. But I don’t recommend using them during heavy rains and storms. Cover them or bring them inside if it is frozen outside.

The Disadvantages of the Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor wireless speakers are not the perfect of course. Keep in mind their following cons:

  1. Higher price
  2. Interference
  3. Life of the batteries

Higher Price

The price of the outdoor wireless speaker is higher than the classical speakers. Don’t buy the cheapest models, you could regret. If you are using the lower quality devices, you could have problems with weather conditions.


The interference of other wireless network could cause the problems with the sound. If you notice the problems with the quality of sound, try to move them on different place or use the other frequency channel for communication.

Life of the Batteries

The life of rechargeable batteries is maybe the biggest problem of the wireless outdoor speakers. You can use the AC power instead, but you lose the mobility and flexibility. If you are planning to buy outdoor wireless speakers, always check the life of batteries in the specifications.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying the Outdoor Wireless Speakers

  • Cheap models use paper cones. Paper doesn’t produce good bass sound. My suggestion is to buy the coaxial speakers, because they produce much better base and treble, and they don’t have so much distortion.
  • The outer case of cheap speakers is made of painted smooth surface which simulates rock are not so durable. It is much better to buy the one with rough, uneven surface which seems more like real rock. This kind of speakers will last much longer.

If you are interested in the wireless outdoor speakers you could also read wireless speaker system.  The similar topic is also the wireless home theater system.

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