Find out about the wireless network setup for the optimal wireless network connection in your home WiFi network and the best wireless home security.You can read more about the wireless home networks and choosing the appropriate wireless networking equipment in the post Wireless Home Network – How to Set up WiFi Network that Meets All Your Needs.

Wireless Network Setup Overview

I will divide wireless network setup in the three phases:
• Phase 1 – The positioning of the wireless router for the optimal wireless network connection
• Phase 2 – Wireless router setup for the bulletproofed wireless home security
• Phase 3 – Maintenance of the wireless home network

The Positioning of the Wireless Router for the Optimal Wireless Network Connection

Problem with the Physical Obstructions

Choosing the position for the wireless router is a very important phase of the wireless network setup. Improper placement can cause a big problem with the poor coverage, lower wireless signal and even the blind spots without any WiFi signal. Big physical obstacles like walls and ceilings can be a big problem for the wireless network connection.

Other devices can cause the Interference

The other wireless signals can cause the interference. The possible problem could cause the following devices:

  • Microwave oven
  • BlueTooth devices
  • Other WiFi devices
  • Cordless phones E
  • Electric fans
  • Items with motors
  • Fluorescent lighting

Tips for the Optimal Wireless Network Connection

For avoiding the problems with the interference and blocking of the WiFi signal you can use the following tips:

  • Put the wireless router in the central position of the room
  • Try placing the WiFi router as high as possible for better
  • Avoid physical obstacles like walls and ceilings.
  • Enable line of sight -visibility of the wireless router and possible positions of the wireless clients
  • Avoid reflective surfaces like windows, mirrors, metal cabinets
  • Move the wireless router from the other sources of the wireless signal
  • Position the antenna (or antennas) of the wireless router towards the wireless clients and positions where they will usually be
  • Configure the router on the frequency of the 5 GHz, because it is much less probability for the interference with the other wireless signals
  • Try placing the WiFi router in several different promising positions

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Wireless Router Setup for the Bulletproofed Wireless Home Security

broadband wireless router

The most important part of the wireless network setup is configuring the proper wireless home security on your wireless router. Inadequate security of your wireless home network could cause you the legal, financial and personal problems. Spending some extra time for planning and configuring the proper wireless home security is a very good investment.

Tips for the Bulletproofed Wireless Home Security

  • Change all default settings (admin password, SSID)
  • Don’t use personal information for your SSID like name and address
  • For an admin password, use the non-dictionary words with a combination of small and capital letters with numbers
  • Don’t use WPS – use manual wireless security configuration
  • Use WPA2 with the PSK authentication and AES encryption
  • For WPA2 key use the non dictionary words with combination of small and capital letters with numbers
  • Enable MAC address filtering

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Maintenance of the Wireless Home Network

The best possible wireless network setup doesn’t guarantee the proper security, range, coverage and speed in your wireless home network. Regular maintenance is one of the most important tasks for the proper wireless configuration.

Regular change of the SSID and passwords on the wireless router is making your wireless internet security bulletproofed. Interference could change from time to time and could cause problems with the rage, coverage and the speed of wireless data transfer.

Tips for Maintenance of the Wireless Home Network

linksys wireless router

If you keep in mind the following tips, your wireless network setup will be always up to date and with the best possible security.

  • Change the SSID on the monthly basis
  • Change the admin password on your wireless router monthly
  • Change the WPA2 security key monthly
  • Regular update MAC address filtering table – adding the MAC address for new wireless clients and deleting for old MAC addresses
  • Check the new firmware of the wireless router on the monthly basis and do the upgrade if needed
  • New Interference in the wireless home network needs new position of the wireless router

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