Wireless network problems are frustrated, because wireless home networks are very important part of your life. Find tips for 7 most common wireless problems.

What are the Most Common Wireless Network Problems?

These are the seven most common wireless network problems:

  • Problems with the wireless drivers
  • Wireless connection problems
  • Problems with the home wireless security
  • Wireless internet access problems
  • Problems with the opening ports on the wireless router
  • WiFi range problems
  • How to connect automatically to the wireless home network

Problems with the Wireless Drivers

The very common network problem is the problem with the wireless drivers. You probably have the problem with the wireless drivers, if you regularly notice the following issues:

  • You can’t establish the internet connection
  • Your computer freezes, when you try to connect to the internet via your wireless network adapter
  • You have other problems with the connectivity to your wireless home network
  • When you try to connect to the internet or other device to your wireless network, you get the blue screen

This problem with the wireless drivers are caused by the outdated or incompatible version of the wireless drivers installed on your computer.

Solution for Problem with the Wireless Drivers

Solving the wireless network problems caused by wireless drivers is very easy. The problem is solved in a two steps:

  • Finding the appropriate driver for the wireless router
  • Installing the appropriate wireless driver

Finding the appropriate driver for the wireless can be tricky. There are two ways to get and install the appropriate wireless drivers:

  • Automatically for Windows wireless drivers with downloading the Download Driver Update Tool.
  • Manually – download the latest wireless drivers from the manufacturer’s web site and then install them 

Wireless Connection Problems

Setting Up a Wireless Network

Setting Up a Wireless Network

Wireless network problems with the wireless connection are not so easy to solve. There are many different reasons that can cause the wireless connection problems:

  • Problem with the wireless drivers
  • Hardware problem with the wireless adapter
  • Problem with the wireless range
  • Simple, but common problem, when wireless connectivity is disabled on the computer or wireless router (by hardware switch or by software option)
  • Problem with the incompatibility of the wireless mode (802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac) between the wireless router and wireless adapter
  • If you are using the MAC address filtering on the wireless router, the MAC address of the wireless adapter is not listed in the MAC address list.
  • Problem with the firmware on the wireless router
  • Security settings (security type WPA2, WPA, WEP and Security Key) do not match on the wireless router and your computer
  • Problems with the IP setting on your computer
  • The problem with the internet connectivity, caused by your internet service provider
  • Proxy settings on your internet browser

Solution for the Wireless Connection Problems

Solving the wireless network problem with the wireless connections can be quite tricky. I have dedicated the single post which describes the solution for the wireless connection problems – Wireless Connection Problem – Answer for all of them.

Problems with the Home Wireless Security

Wireless Internet Security

Wireless Internet Security

Wireless network problems with the wireless security are the cause for the problem with the wireless connectivity. If the security settings do not match on the wireless router and wireless client, you can’t establish the wireless connection. Security setting includes the following parameters:

  • Security type (WPA2, WPA, WEP)
  • Type of the authentication (PSK, 802,1x/EAP)
  • Type of the encryption (TKIP/MIC, AES/CCMP)
  • Security key
  • MAC address table

More about the security and how to set up the best security on your wireless router read the post Wireless Internet Security – 5 Steps for the Maximum Wireless LAN Security.

Read also the post Best Wireless Home Security – Secure your Wireless Home Network.

Wireless Internet Access Problems

Wireless network problems with the internet access are happening very often. The following three reasons are the cause of the wireless internet access problems:

  • Your ISP (Internet service provider) has the problem with its network
  • You have the problems with the IP setting on your computer
  • Wrong proxy setting in your internet browser

Solution for the Wireless Internet Access Problems

Check the tips for the wireless network problems with the internet access:

  • Check the proxy setting in your internet browser. If you are not using the proxy (in wireless home network for sure not), choose No proxy setting in your web browser settings
  • Check the IP settings on your computer. You should probably have the Obtain IP address automatically setting on your computer.
  • If first two tips don’t work, your ISP has probably some problems. Call the Call Center of your Internet Service Provider

Problems with the Opening Ports on the Wireless Router

You want to send some files to your friend or colleague from your wireless home network. You have started an FTP server, but your friend can’t connect. Maybe you have other network service or server in your wireless home network like a web server.

To be able to enable connection from the outside (from the public IP addresses), you need to configure the port forwarding your wireless router. This feature translates (connects) the public IP address and port to the private IP address and port in your wireless home network.

Solution for the Port Forwarding Problem

On the web site Open Ports, you can find the step by step procedure for the port forwarding. You can find here the example for the most wireless router on the market.

How to Connect Automatically to the Wireless Home Network

One of the common wireless network problems, is that you don’t know to configure the automatic wireless connection for desired wireless networks. This option can be very useful, because you can automatically connect to any wireless network within your range that you want.

Solution for Automatic Connection to the Wireless Home Networks

The procedure for enabling the automatic wireless connection is the following:

  1. Left click on the network icon in the taskbar. You will see the list of all networks within your range.
  2. Left Click on the specific network connection. You will see Connect button and on the left side the Connect automatically option.
  3. Click on the Connect automatically option. In the future, anytime you will be within the range of this network, you will connect automatically.


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