Wireless Network Connection – Here you can find the best ways to establish and troubleshoot the wireless network connections on the laptop and desktop computer with the Windows.

Establishing the wireless network connection is the first step in have for having the wireless internet access. Mostly it is very easy, straightforward and mostly automatic task, but sometimes it can be a  very tricky job.

Wireless Network Connection in the Windows

You have a windows computer and you are not sure, what is the best way to establish a new wireless network connection. Since I am on a business trip and staying in a hotel, this is the best time to show you how to establish a new wireless connection in a hotel room.

Check the four simple steps for establishing and troubleshooting the new wireless network connection:

1. Click on the Network Icon in the Taskbar

The Wireless network connection

The Wireless network connection

Left click on the network icon in the right side of the taskbar.

If your wireless card is enabled, you will see the list of wireless networks within a reach of your computer. In my example, you can see the four available wireless networks.

Move the mouse to the network (don’t click on it) and you will get more data about the wireless network. In my case you can see the following parameters:

Name: Radisson_Guest
Signal Strength: Excellent
Security Type: Unsecured
Radio Type: 802.11n
SSID: Radisson_Guest

The name is usually the same as the SSID, and in my name is Radisson_Guest, because I am in Radisson hotel. – Free commercial for Radisson 🙂

Signal Strength is the strength of the wireless signal. In my case is Excellent. The signal can be Poor, Fair, Good and Excellent.

Security Type is Unsecured. This means that this network doesn’t have the enabled wireless security. Security type shows type of security WPA2, WPA or WEP and the type of authentication PSK, EAP. For example, the test network on the list of wireless networks has the Security Type: WPA2-PSK.

More about the security you can read in the following articles:

Radio Type is the type of the WiFi network. There are five types of WiFi networks – five generations of the WiFi networks:

You can see the in my case the Radio Type is: 802.11n.

If you are in a hotel, like I am now, or if you want to connect to the public WiFi hot spot, the wireless network is in most cases open, or it has a security type: Unsecured. You can notice this type of connection, because they are marked with the little yellow  exclamation mark sign on the network icon.

2. Left Click on the Wireless Network you Want to Connect

Connect to the wireless network connection

Connect to the wireless network connection

Left click on the desired wireless network connection, in my case Radisson_Guest. And you will get the Connect icon. Left click on the Connect.
If you use this network more than once, I recommend that you select the Connection automatically option. In this way the security settings of this wireless network connection will be saved and you will automatically connect to the wireless network, if are you in its WiFi range.

Right click on wireless network

There is also an option to right click on the network. You will also have option to left click on the Connect. If you use the right click, you will have the option to see is this network already saved and configured on your computer. If it is, you will get the extra option Properties. If you left click on the Properties option you will get the Security settings of profile for this wireless network. If the wireless network has changed security parameters, this is the place where you can change them.

3. Set up the Security Parameters of the WiFi Connection

Wireless network security key

Wireless network security key

In my case the Security type of the network is open, so I don’t get the option to enter the security parameters. If the Security Type is not Open, you will get the following window, where you need to enter the Security key.

 4. Connect to the Network

If you have correct security parameters, you will be able to use the internet. The Network icon in the taskbar will be without the exclamation mark.

The most of public WiFi hotspots don’t use wireless security – it has the Security Type: Unsecured. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have any security.

Connected without the Internet Access


They usually use different kind of security. You can recognize this by two signs:

  • On the taskbar, the Network icon has exclamation mark
  • When you left click on the network icon you will have sign Connected, but with the yellow exclamation mark. Also on the top you there will be the following sign: Currently connected to: <The name of the wireless network>. Bellow there will be the message: No Internet access.

You see in the picture in my case where I have the following sign:

Currently connected to:
No Internet access

The Security on the Web Portal

The Security on the Web Portal

The Security on the Web Portal

To get the internet access you need to open the web browser. You will be redirected to the login page of the Web portal, where is done the security and accounting. In my case it looks like this.

To be able to connect, I need to enter my surname and Room No, Agree with the General Terms and Conditions and click connect.

Usually you get the username and password at the reception which you enter in the login window.

Wireless Network Security connected with the access

Connected without the Internet Access

If you have the successful internet connection, you will have the network icon without the exclamation mark and when you click on it you will have the sign: Internet access.

With this the setup of the wireless network connection is over.

More about the troubleshooting of the wireless network connection you can see in the Microsoft article Wired and wireless network problems.

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