Wireless Mouse and Keyboard – do you use them? Or do you still use the classical keyboard and mouse? My suggestion is to use the wireless keyboard and mouse. Read all the advantages and disadvantages and find out why to use them instead of classical?

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

The Benefits of the Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

There are various benefits of using a wireless keyboard and mouse:

  1. No mess on the desk
  2. More mobility
  3. You can use them as universal devices
  4. More free ports left on the computer

No Mess on the Desk

Without two cables for mouse and keyboard there is no mess on your desk. It is much easier to organize the workplace with the wireless keyboard and mouse.


With the wireless mouse and keyboard you have more mobility. It is easier to move from one place to another. Especially if you are using as displays big monitor or display you need to move away from them. This is almost impossible with the classic mouse and keyboard.

Using the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse as Universal Devices

You can use the same wireless mouse and keyboard for more than one device. Not only for more computer, but also for the Smartphones, tablets and game consoles.

More Free Ports Left on the Computer

The computers have a limited number of USB ports. With a classical mouse and keyboard, you lose two of them. If you use the wireless mouse and keyboard, you have more ports for using other devices like memory cards, hard disks and MP3 players.

The Drawbacks of the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Along with the benefits, there are also drawbacks of the wireless mouse and keyboard:

  1. Use of batteries
  2. Cost

Use of Batteries

The wireless mouse and keyboard needs to have a battery. This is not a big issue, because the battery life could be even three years. Of course, the battery life depends on how and how often do you use wireless keyboard and mouse.

The Cost

The cost of the wireless keyboard and mouse is higher. If you compare all the benefits, with spending extra tens of dollars, I think it is definitely worth it. 

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What is your experience with the wireless mouse and keyboard? Leave a comment.

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