Wireless internet service providers – WISPs are enabling you to connect to the broadband wireless internet. There are different kinds of WISP and they each have different kinds of wireless networks. Go through this post and find out which wireless internet service providers are the best for you.

The Wireless Internet Service Providers – WISPs

Wireless Internet Service Providers

Wireless Internet Service Providers

There are four kinds of wireless internet service providers:

  • WiFi providers
  • Mobile internet providers
  • WiMAX operators
  • Satellite internet providers

Before reading details about different WISP, it would be good to learn how does wireless internet work.

WiFi Providers

If you are not sure what WiFi really means and how it works, check – What Does WiFi Stand For, What is WiFi and How Does WiFi Work.

What is really WiFi and WLAN and is there a difference read on What is WiFi? What is WLAN? Is There a Difference Between Those Two.

The Advantages of WiFi Providers

  • They provide fast internet – the newest WiFi standard 802.11ac works on Gigabit speeds.
  • The number of the clients connected to the same access point doesn’t have so big influence on the speed of each user.
  • Good quality of service.
  • The price of WiFi providers is affordable.
  • There are free WiFi hotspots.

The Disadvantages of WiFi Providers

  • One access point covers limited area – maximum 70 meters or 230 feet inside or 250 meters or 820 feet outside.
  • Security – users should be aware of the security threats.
  • Interference – especially if the wireless signal is on a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

More about the basic characteristics of each different WiFi standards read on What Does WLAN Stand For and What are the 802.11 Networks.

WiFi Alliance encourages the WiFi providers to have roaming agreements between themselves. There is a WISPr protocol, approved by the WiFi Alliance, which helps and makes easier interconnections, inter-network and inter-operator roaming among different Wi-Fi internet providers.

The biggest disadvantage of WiFi, its limited coverage, can be solved with the roaming agreements.

Mobile (Cellular) Service Providers

The Advantages of Mobile Internet Providers

  • Great flexibility and handling
  • Big coverage, especially at  urban areas
  • Affordable price for small data allowance

The Disadvantages of Mobile Internet Providers

  • Problems with connectivity – some remote and urban areas could have a problem with the mobile signal.
  • Service is no consistent and stable.
  • The bandwidth and availability during congestion.
  • The bill could be very high when you go over your data allowance.

If you use more data than is the plan which you are using, some operators charge you extra price. If you are going abroad, your bill can be very high, because you will need to pay the roaming cost.

Mobile Providers with WiFi Offload – The Best Option

Some mobile operators have very interesting service – WiFi offload. Mobile operators, in case of network congestion and low network quality, are offloading the traffic to the WiFi network.

Wireless internet service providers which support WiFi offload are the best and most flexible choice.

WiMAX Providers

The Advantages of WiMAX Internet Providers

  • The single WISP coverage area could cover one city
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good quality of service

The Disadvantages of WiMAX Internet Providers

  • There should be the optical visibility for more distant connections.
  • The problem with the signal could be caused by bad weather conditions.

Satellite Internet Service Providers

The Advantages of Satellite Internet providers

  • The best option for isolated areas
  • Available in every corner of the world

The Disadvantages of Satellite Internet providers

  • There are not mobile
  • Not so flexible as others
  • Big delay of signal

If you are living in some rural area without mobile, WiFi, or WiMAX connection, the  satellite internet service is the best option for you.

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Wireless Internet Service Providers are not Your Best Choice

Maybe wireless internet service providers are not the best choice for you. DSL could be your solution. Check about this on DSL internet providers.

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