Wireless internet providers enable you the 24/7 wireless broadband internet. Find out what is the best wireless broadband internet service for your case.

Wireless Internet Providers Overview

Wireless internet access and mobile terminals, like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, dongles and MiFi devices, enables you the internet access anytime and anywhere. This enables you to do your job and be available to your boss and your customers, anywhere you want and, what is also important, if you want it.

Wireless internet providers, also called wireless internet service providers or WISP, are becoming more and more popular. Wireless technology is changing rapidly, so the wireless internet services  are becoming faster, reliable and cheaper every day. A few years ago, gigabit wireless speeds were science fiction. With the 4G internet mobile access (LTE and WiMAX) you can have almost gigabit speeds on your mobile terminals. Very soon, with the gigabit wireless technology or WiGig, multiple-gigabit speeds will be an add-on feature on your WiFi devices.

The Types of the Wireless Access

Today there are many kinds of wireless technology that enable the maximum flexibility and mobility with the very fast and reliable wireless broadband internet access. Each type of wireless access has its own advantages and an environment for usage. Let’s first list the four most common and best types of wireless internet providers:

  • Mobile operators
  • WiFi providers
  • Satellite internet providers
  • WiMAX providers

The Mobile Operators

Last mile

Mobile Operators

Mobile operators are providing the 3G and 4G mobile internet access. They are the most popular type of wireless internet provider. They have the huge coverage and the most world is covered by the 3G or even now lately 4G internet access.

There are many wireless internet providers that use the name 4G, for their wireless internet service. For now, there is still no real 4G internet on the market. 4G, by the definition of the responsible organization 3GPP, needs to work on speed of 1 Gbps for the mobile users. The closest technology to real 4G is the LTE – Long Term Evolution. Read more about the 4G in the post 4G Internet.

LTE is the latest technology for the wireless mobile internet access. The LTE standard was developed by the 3GPP organization – 3rd Generation Partnership Project. It enables much faster speeds than 3G and in the same time enables the coexistence with the 2G and 3G networks. There is also LTE Advanced technology, which will be soon released. LTE Advanced meets all the requirements of the real 4G technology.  More about the LTE you can read in the post What is LTE, 4G Technology and LTE Advanced.

You can also check here the services of the wireless internet providers. Verizon wireless, the biggest U.S. telecom providers offers both 3G and 4G LTE access.

Sprint, together with the NetZero, can be the great combination for the wireless internet access. Sprint has WiMAX technology for the 4G internet access, but soon they will offer also LTE.

WiFi Providers

WiFi Hot Spot

WiFi Hot Spot

WiFi providers are only internet providers that in some cases offer a completely free wireless internet access. WiFi hotspots are the public places with the WiFi access. There are commercial hotspots, but they are also lots of free WiFi hotspots. Read about the WiFi providers in the post WiFi Providers – WiFi Internet Providers with the Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Satellite Internet Providers

cheap satellite internet

Satellite internet connection is, in spite of big latency, the best possible option for the remote rural areas without any other available internet access. It enables internet access in any corner of the world, even in the middle of the ocean and on the top of the highest mountain. More about the satellite wireless internet providers and their advantaged and disadvantages you can check in the post Satellite Internet Providers – the Advantages and Disadvantages. Satellite internet is not so expensive, as you may be thinking.

WiMAX Providers

WiMAX tower - Photo courtesy of Intel

WiMAX tower

The most rare wireless internet providers are WiMAX providers. WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is a wireless MAN technology. Wireless MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks) has coverage over larger areas – cities and regions. More about the WiMAX technology you can learn in the post What is WiMAX and How WiMAX Works.

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