Wireless internet card, also known as a wireless adapter, is a device that enables a wireless connection. Find out more about the device.

Wireless Internet Card

You could also find a name wireless network interface controller or WNIC. It is build for desktop and laptop computers.

Three Types of the Wireless Interface Cards

There are three types of the wireless interface cards:

  • Wi-Fi Adapters
  • Cellular Adapters
  • Bluetooth Adapters

Wi-Fi Adapters

Wi-Fi adapters provide connectivity to the Wi-Fi network. You could use them for the following purposes:

  • Adding wireless connectivity to desktop computers.
  • Adding wireless connectivity to the old laptops without a built-in WiFi card.
  • Increasing the speed of wireless connection for the laptops by using a newer Wi-Fi adapter.

Usually they are for the desktop computers. All the laptops have the built-in WiFi card for last few years. You could increase the speed of your WiFi network by using new wireless internet cards that are working on higher data rate.

There are five generations of Wi-Fi 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n and the latest generation 802.11ac. A comparison between these different WLAN standards you can read about what does WLAN stand for.

You can find WiFi adapters in different variations:

WiFi adapter can work in two modes:

  • Ad-hoc mode
  • Infrastructure mode

WiFi Adapter in an Infrastructure Mode

When WiFi adapter runs in the infrastructure mode, wireless access point or wireless router should be present in the WiFi network. Transfer of all packets between wireless interface cards is going via the access point or the wireless router.

WiFi Adapter in an Ad-Hoc Mode

In the ad-hoc mode, there is no need for an access point. Data traffic goes directly from one WiFi adapter to another. All devices need to have the same channel and SSID.

Cellular Adapter

Cellular Adapter by Verizon Wireless

Cellular Adapters

This type of wireless internet card provides 3G and 4G wireless internet connection to your computers. They are mostly used on laptop computers, but they can also work for desktop.

Cellular adapter can be in two different versions:

  • USB cellular adapter
  • PCMCIA cellular adapter

Bluetooth Adapters

Bluetooth adapters provide short range wireless connectivity to laptop and desktop computers. Mostly they are used for wireless connection with the mouse, keyboard and smartphone.

Bluetooth adapters can be:

  • USB Bluetooth adapter – for both laptops and desktop computers
  • PCI Bluetooth adapter – for desktop computers

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