Wireless home theater system seems a perfect solution. You don’t need to bother with all the cables hanging out of the speakers. But is it really like this? Read this article and find out.

Wireless Home Theater System

Wireless Home Theater System

Wireless Home Theater System

Traditional Speakers System

Traditional speakers need the cables for a power and for the sound signals. You could have three, six, eight or even eleven speakers (7.1 channel theater system with four subwoofers) for one home theater system. It is very tricky to handle all these cables all around your living room. Let’s investigate what is the situation with the wireless home theater system.

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Wireless Home Theater System

In a wireless home theater system setup is little bit different. There is a wireless transmitter whose purpose is to send wireless audio signals to the speakers. Speakers have a built-in wireless receiver. So, for now there are no wires. But the problem is with the power for the speakers. There are speakers powered by batteries, but usually speakers need to be plugged into the AC power source.

Is it Really Wireless

The conclusion is that you still need a cable – cable between the speakers and the AC power source. You can get rid of annoying long cables between speakers and the source of the audio signal – home theater transmitter.

For sure, wireless home theater system gives you much better flexibility. The longest and most annoying cables are eliminated, but still you need to use the power cables for each speaker.

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Technologies for the Wireless Connectivity

The most common wireless technologies used for the wireless connectivity between the speakers and the central home theater receiver are:

  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • WirelessHD

Bluetooth as Technology for the Wireless Audio Connectivity

Bluetooth technology is used very often for connectivity between the speakers and the audio transmitter, especially for the subwoofers.

The Bluetooth is also often used for connection of home theatre central device with external devices like Smartphones, laptops, and other audio or video players.

 WiFi Used for Connectivity between the Speakers and the Audio Transmitter

Similar like Bluetooth, the WiFi is also used for connection between the speaker and central audio transmitter. WiFi offers much bigger flexibility for interconnection between the wireless home theater system and the whole range of devices.

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WirelessHD – Technology for the HD Audio and Video Streaming

WirelessHD is a new technology which enables wireless streaming of High-Definition – HD audio, video and data. Wireless HD connects source devices – DVRs, gaming consoles and the speakers and displays – TVs and monitors.  It enables speeds even up to 28 Gbps and uses the frequency of 60 GHz.

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