Setting up a wireless home network that meets all your needs can be very demanding. Find here simple steps for simple and fast wireless network setup.

Wireless Home Network Basics

Before setting up a wireless network, I recommend that you find out some basics about the WiFi definition, WiFi technology and standards. Taking some time to learn about some basics, can save you lots of time and money, in buying adequate wireless equipment and in troubleshooting problems in your wireless home network.

Follow three simple steps to learn the basics about the wireless networking:

Time for reading this post is only a few minutes, but it can save you lots of time and money later.

Wireless Networking Equipment

Setting Up a Wireless Network

Setting Up a Wireless Network

Before buying any new wireless networking equipment, please go through these two simple steps to find out what exact equipment you really need:

  • What kind of wireless networking equipment do you have?
  • According to the equipment you have, plan which wireless networking equipment you should buy.

There are lots of guys, that don’t think before buying, so they usually end up with the bunch of the equipment. The problem is that they spend lots of money, but the most of the devices, or most of the features devices have, they do not really need.

So please find time to check what kinds of wireless equipment you currently have, if any.

What Kind of the Wireless Networking Equipment do you have?

There are three logical options about your current network equipment. I will give you the best possible solution for any of these three options.

  • You don’t have any Networking Equipment
  • You already have the internet connection, but without wireless home network
  • You already have the wireless home network, but you need better range, coverage or speed

You don’t have any Networking Equipment

You have just moved to a new home, or you didn’t have any internet connection until now, so you don’t have any network equipment.

In this situation there are two options:

  • You don’t have any telecom provider (internet, TV or phone)
  • You don’t have internet connection, but you have a TV or/and phone provider

dsl internet providers

You don’t have any telecom provider

If you don’t have telecom provider (no cable TV, phone, internet connection), the best option for you it to choose the triple play service provider. The triple play telecom provider provides TV, phone and internet connection over one physical connection. It can be usually over DSL, cable or fiber.

With a two year contract, you can get the modem and wireless router in one box. If it is like this, you don’t need any extra wireless networking equipment for your wireless home network. If you have only a modem (DSL, cable or fiber), you will need to buy a wireless router.

You don’t have the Internet Connection, but you have a TV or/and Phone Provider

If you have a TV or/and phone telecom provider, but no internet connection, you will need to sign a contract with the internet provider to get the internet access. The best price and option is to take the same telecom provider for all three services TV, phone and internet – triple play service provider.

If your current provider doesn’t have this option, take a new service provider that have the option for all three services over one physical connection. Together with the contract, you always get modem or even modem and wireless router in the same device. If you have modem and wireless router, you don’t need to buy any wireless networking equipment.

You already have internet provider, but you don’t have the wireless home network

If you already have internet provider, but no wireless home network, you need to buy the wireless router. For internet connection you already have a modem – DSL, cable or fiber modem. For getting the wireless network connection, you need a wireless router.

Before buying a wireless router, please read the post The Best Wireless Router and How to Find It.

You already have the wireless home network, but you need better range, coverage or speed

WiFi range extender

WiFi range extender

You already have the wireless home network, but you have the problems. The coverage and speed in some parts of your home are very poor, or you don’t have any wireless network connection in some parts.

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