The wireless connection problem is the problem more difficult to solve in the wireless home networking. Here you can find the solution for all of them.

Wireless Connection Problem Overview

Wireless Connection Problem

Wireless Connection Problem

The wireless Connection Problem Solution Flow

Here is the solution for the most wireless connection problems. Go through the flow step by step and you will find the answer for the most of your problems with the wireless connection.

1. Connect the laptop to the wireless home network

  • Do you see the wireless network on the list of the wireless networks?

o If yes, proceed with the step 9

o If no, proceed with the step 2

2. Do other wireless devices see the wireless home network?

  • If no, you need to get closer to the wireless router, or check is the wireless router turned on and working correctly
  • If yes, proceed with the step 3

3. Are the wireless switch enabled on your laptop?

  • If no, turn the switch on
  • If yes, proceed with the step 4

4. Do you have installed the latest drivers on your wireless card?

  • If no, install the latest wireless drivers – check the section Problem with the Wireless Drivers.
  • If yes, proceed with the step 5

5. Can you connect to any other wireless network (in some public WiFi hotspot or other wireless home network)?

  • If no, then it is probably the hardware problem with your wireless adapter or computer
  • If yes, proceed with the next tip

6. Does your wireless adapter support the mode which is running on the wireless router (802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac)?

  • If no, change the wireless mode on the wireless router with the one your wireless adapter supports
  • If yes, proceed with the next tip

7. Is MAC address filtering enabled on your wireless router?

  • If yes, you need to add the MAC address of your wireless adapter to the MAC address table on your wireless router
  • If no, proceed with the step 8

8. Do you have installed the latest firmware on your wireless router?

  • If no, go to the manufacturer’s web site and download the latest firmware for your wireless router and install it according to the manual
  • If yes, your wireless router is probably incompatible with your wireless adapter. You need to change the wireless router or wireless adapter

9. Your laptop sees the wireless network. Can you connect to the wireless network?

  • If no, change the security settings on your computer (type of security and security key). The security setting on the wireless router and your laptop needs to match. If the security settings match and you still don’t have the wireless connectivity, go back to the step 4
  • If you can connect, proceed with the step 10

10. Do you have Limited Connectivity Error?

  • If yes, check do you have enabled the Obtain IP address automatically setting on your computer?
    • If yes, go back to the step 4
    • If no, set the Obtain IP address automatically setting on your computer
  • If you don’t have the Limited Connectivity Error, proceed with the step 11

11. Can you access the Internet?

  • If yes, the problem is solved. Everything is OK with the wireless connection
  • If no, proceed with the step 12

12. Do you have a proxy setting on your internet browser?

  • If yes, remove the proxy settings and use the No proxy option in your internet browser.
  • If no, the problem is with your internet service provider. Call their Call Center. 

Wireless Connection Problem – Conclusion

After finding the solution for your wireless connection problem, you may be interested to check about the rest of the wireless network problems. For learning more about it, read the post Wireless Network Problems – Answers to the most Wireless Problems.

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