WiFi Software – DD-WRT? Why should you bother spending your time to reinstall your favorite device with some strange software with the strange name DD-WRT? This WiFi software transforms your home wireless router from nerd to Hulk of the wireless routers.

DD-WRT Firmware – the Best WiFi Software for the WiFi Routers

wifi software

wifi software

DD-WRT is Linux based WiFi software, or to be more precise, the firmware which can be installed on a large number of wireless routers. On the list of supported devices you can check is your wireless router capable for the installation of DD-WRT.

DD-WRT, Linux based WiFi software, can enhance the functionalities of your broadband wireless router. It was developed to replace the factory default firmware with the stable standard Linux software which enables many advanced features. These features give you much more control on specific parameters and functionalities. They help making your wireless home network router much more flexible, stable, faster and more secured.

Advance DD-WRT features

DD-WRT supports a great list of the advanced features. Here you can find the summarized list of the specific features that the DD-WRT provides:

  • The stability of Linux-based, non-proprietary firmware
  • Ability to increase the transmit power
  • Frame-bursting  –  enables higher wireless speeds
  • DNS caching – speeds up connection for many web sites
  • Radius authentication – takes your wireless security on the completely different level
  • Wireless distribution system  capability – enables the wireless bridging and boosts the range  of your home network by using a second wireless router
  • Transform your WiFi router to the professional WiFi hot spot
  • Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) functionality – enables different priorities and bandwidth reservations
  • VPN – Virtual Private Networks
  • Virtual Local Area Network – VLAN – enables you to segment your wireless network in more logical parts
  • Better DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) options
  • More advanced NAT – Network Address Translation
  • If you have multiple wireless routers, you can create unique SSIDs
  • Performance and statistics

DD-WRT turns Your Home Router to the Advanced Enterprise Device

With this free WiFi software, you can transform your cheap home wireless router to the advanced enterprise network device. The installation procedure is not so demanding, but there is a risk. If you don’t follow the exact installation procedure, you can completely destroy the wireless router. So I wouldn’t recommend this installation for the complete beginners.

Important to Read before Going with the DD-WRT Installation

  • Installing the DD-WRT is usually simple, but if you do it in the wrong way, you can destroy your router.
  •  Be sure that your device supports DD-WRT firmware – check the list of supported devices
  • Choose the right firmware  for your wireless router
  • Read carefully installation procedure
  • Fallow the installation procedure

On this Installation page you have the exact procedure. Please read it carefully before you proceed with the installation.

Do you have a question about the installation of the this magical WiFi software? Maybe you have something to share about the DD-WRT? Leave the comment.

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