WiFi signal booster is the WiFi device which boosts the range and coverage of the WiFi signal from the wireless router. Learn to make wireless booster for less than one dollar.

WiFi Signal Booster

WiFi signal booster

WiFi signal booster

If you want to buy one, you can find here the best WiFi booster on the market. WiFi booster is wireless signal booster used for WiFi networks. Read more about the other wireless boosters in Wireless Signal Booster – Increase the Coverage of Wireless Network.

Ways of Boosting the WiFi Signal

There are various ways to boost the WiFi signal of your wireless router:

  • Using the latest generation of WiFi – 802.11ac and beamforming
  • Increasing the power of the wireless router
  • Wireless repeater
  • Better position of the wireless router
  • Using different frequency channel
  • WiFi signal booster.
  • WiFi antenna.

WiFi signal booster is one of the most effective to make your WiFi signal stronger, to cover the “blind spots” and to increase the speed of the wireless signal.

The 5G WiFi 802.11ac has implemented a very interesting feature – beamforming. This feature can significantly improve the WiFi connection. With the help of the beamforming, wireless router has concentrated transmissions toward the wireless clients. Check more about this on 802.11ac.

Increasing the transmit power of the wireless router can significantly increase the coverage of the WiFi network. The problem is that the most routers don’t have this option. In the article AP Power and Wireless Range Extension find how to increase the power of the wireless router.

Using the wireless router in repeater mode is a second way to extend the wireless signal. Root access point is the wireless router which has the internet connection. Wireless repeater is the other WiFi device that doesn’t have the wired connection to the internet. Wireless repeater uses the wireless connection to the root access point, with the help of the feature called wireless distribution system. More about this you can read in Wireless Distribution System.

Finding a better position and changing the frequency channel of the wireless router can decrease interference from the other wireless signals and improve the coverage, range and speed for your WiFi network.

Making your Own WiFi Signal Booster

Would you believe that you can increase the wireless signal and the speed of your home wireless network by building your own WiFi signal booster for less than 1 dollar? Yes, this is true. Check the video below and see how to make the WiFi booster from one old cartoon box and an aluminum foil.

Buying the WiFi Booster

If you are willing to spend some money for increasing the performance of your home WiFi network, take a look at WiFi booster below.
Securifi Almond is the best rated Wireless router and WiFi signal booster on Amazon US. You can set it three minutes with the touchscreen wizard.

It can be used as 802.11bgn wireless router with the speeds up to 300 Mbps, or WiFi booster which can help you to extend the wireless range of the primary router. Easy to set up. We use it as a range extender and it works great! We’ve tried others in the past, but none worked as consistently well as the Securifi Almond.

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