WiFi range extender? There are many ways to increase the WiFi network coverage, the WiFi range extender is only one of them. I will show you two ways that are similarly effective, but better.

The WiFi Range Extender isn’t Always the Best Choice for Extension

WiFi range extender

WiFi range extender

Simple but Great Methods for a better Wireless Coverage

The following two methods are very simple, cheap or free, but they can significantly improve your network coverage:

  • Better position of the wireless router
  • Using of the WiFi antenna

Buying a new WiFi range extender, is after using the secondary AP – access point, the best method for better WiFi network coverage. Using a simple WiFi antenna and especially placing a wireless router in the new place are very simple, easy and cost effective ways.

Better Position of the Wireless Router


The most people are making the common mistakes when they choose where to place their wireless router. The two most common mistakes are:

  • Placing a wireless router close to the wall or other obstacle
  • The wireless router is close to other wireless signal

Placing the Wireless router in the central position away from the Obstacles

If wireless router or access point is just behind the wall or some other physical obstacle, you are limiting the range of the wireless signal. Walls, especially metal obstacles and barriers that contain metal are blocking the electromagnetic signals. This can significantly or sometimes completely decrease the propagation of the WiFi signal.

Placing your wireless router in the central position, away from the obstacles can sometimes solve all the problems with the poor coverage, low wireless data transfers and small range.

Planning the optimal position for access point is probably the most important tasks in deploying of public wireless networks. This process is called the wireless site survey. More about the wireless site survey and proper placement of the access points you can read in the article Wireless Site Survey – Proper Placement of the Access Points.

Moving the Wireless Router from the other Wireless Signals

The most of WiFi networks use the frequency of 2.4 GHz. This is unlicensed spectrum, which is available for use by all without any payment. That is a reason why many wireless technologies are using this same frequency:

  • Cordless phones
  • Microwave ovens
  • Bluetooth
  • Car alarm
  • WiFi

Different radio signals working on the same frequency interfere and this can cause great suppression of the WiFi signal. The result of this is lower wireless data rates, bad coverage and a small range of the WiFi network. Just moving away the wireless router from the devices I mentioned above can have almost the same impact as buying of the new WiFi range extender.

Using the WiFi Antenna

The homemade WiFi antenna can be very simple, almost free, solution for better wireless coverage. The best types of homemade antennas are:

  • Windsurfer antenna
  • DIY antenna
  • Pringles cantenna

How to build your own antenna you can read in the post Homemade WiFi Antenna – Three Best Ways to Build Your Own WiFi Antenna.

WiFi Range Extender as Solution for Better Wireless Coverage

The WiFi range extender or WiFi signal booster is a great way for better wireless coverage. The WiFi range extender, often called a WiFi signal booster, is in most cases the other wireless router which extends the range, coverage and improves the wireless data transfers.

The WiFi range extender is non-WDS repeater. Non-WDS repeater connects to the wireless router as a normal wireless client. The WiFi range extender and the root wireless router need to use the same SSID and security settings.

More about the WiFi signal booster you can read in the post WiFi Signal Booster – Way to Make your Wireless Signal Stronger.

Read about the WiFi range extender and its benefits, you can also read in the article The Best Wi-Fi Extender.

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