WiFi providers are the only wireless internet service providers with the free wireless internet access which they provide with the free WiFi hotspots. Read here about them.

WiFi Providers

Wireless Internet Service Providers – WISP

There are few kinds of wireless internet service providers, sometimes also called WISP. The most popular today are:

  • Mobile internet service providers
  • WiFi internet providers
  • Satellite internet providers
  • WiMAX internet providers.

They are listed in order of popularity.

Mobile Internet Service Providers and WiFi Internet Providers – The Perfect Combination

Mobile Internet Service Providers

The most popular wireless internet service providers from all are the Mobile internet service providers. The mobile internet is the most widespread kind of internet access of all. Today, the most of areas have at least 3G coverage, if not 4G. The biggest advantage of mobile internet is its big coverage and great flexibility.

WiFi Internet Access

WiFi providers, comparing with the mobile internet service providers, have their advantages. The speed and reliability of the WiFi internet access are usually better than the speed and reliability of the mobile internet access. In the article WLAN Advantages – Wireless vs Wired, you can find all the advantages and disadvantages of WiFi internet connectivity compared to the classical wired internet connection.

Interesting facts about the WiFi technology, WLAN formation, comparison of all generations of WiFi you can find in my post WiFi Technology is Changing the World we are Living. You could also find there information about the wireless routers, wireless clients and how to improve your WiFi coverage.

WiFi vs Mobile Internet

Both WiFi and mobile internet access have its advantages and disadvantages. If I could choose between these two types of wireless internet access, my choice is would be the combination of both the technologies.

Network Integrated WiFi

Mobile operators are usually also WiFi providers. Some mobile operators are even one step further. They offer the Network integrated WiFi solution.  Network integrated WiFi, sometimes called WiFi offload, is the combination of the mobile internet access and WiFi. What is best of this new solution is that is a seamless user experience. Users don’t need to bother with connection and security settings, they usually even don’t know are they using the internet access over the mobile network, or WiFi.

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WiFi Hotspots

WiFi providers are offering the service of WiFi internet access in places called the WiFi hotspots. WiFi hotspots are public places with the WiFi internet connection.

You can find the WiFi hotspots in many public urban locations. More about WiFi hot spots and their types you can read in my post WiFi Hot Spot and Where to Find the WiFi Hotspots.

WiFi providers are offering free wireless internet access in the places called free WiFi hotspots. You can find all over the world in many public places. They are usually in the following public places:

  • Airports
  • Libraries
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Libraries
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Walking zones.

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