WiFi hot spot is a location with a public internet access over a WiFi network. You can find hot spots in coffee shops, hotels, airports, or other public places in many urban areas.

WiFi Hotspots

WiFi Hot Spot

WiFi Hot Spot

There are also similar variations of the name like WiFi hotspot or wireless hotspot.

The Origin of the Name WiFi Hot Spot

MobileStar Networks was the first company, which offered the service of public Internet to the public locations like Starbucks, American Airlines and Hilton Hotels. Deutsche Telecom has bought the company in 2001 and changed the company name to T-Mobile Hotspot. The term “hot spot” or “hot spot” become popular for the service of the public internet access over WiFi access.

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How does WiFi Hotspot Work?

WiFi hotspot is covered by one or more wireless access points. These access points are sharing the broadband internet connection.

Wireless internet service providers – WiFi providers provide the WiFi internet service or WiFi hotspot. More about the WISPs read on The Wireless Internet Service Providers. About the WiFi internet service and other types of wireless internet read on how does wireless internet work.

Types of the WiFi Hotspots

There are two types of WiFi hotspots:

  • Free WiFi hotspots
  • Commercial hotspots

At Commercial hotspots, WiFi providers are offering the service of wireless internet. WiFi providers provide secure connections and the software needed for charging of their service.

Free WiFi hotspots are public locations with free WiFi network and internet access. Since free WiFi hotspots, doesn’t have any security, you need to be very careful while using them.

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