WiFi extender – You have a problem with the range and coverage of your WiFi network. Find the best WiFi extender and take the maximum of your wireless home network.

WiFi Extender Overview

WiFi extender

WiFi extender

You are frustrated because there are places in your home with poor or without any WiFi signal. You have tried everything but without any success. In this post I will show you the best tricks to improve the range and coverage of your wireless home network.

Buying a WiFi Extender isn’t Always the Best Choice

There are many products on the market that promise huge improvements of all the parameters of the wireless home network. For the most of them you will spend your hard earned money without any major benefits. Most probably, on all the spots with the weak wireless signal strength will not you will notice any improvement.

Things to Consider before Buying a WiFi Range Extender

Buying a WiFi extender or using the secondary AP or access point should be the last solutions. There are many ways to improve all the aspects of your wireless home network, without any major expense. My advice is to first try the following things:

  • Change the position of the wireless router
  • Use the WiFi antenna

Changing the Position of the Wireless Router

Just by moving the wireless router to another place you can improve range and coverage of the home wireless network. The physical obstacles like walls and ceilings and other wireless signals can significantly decrease the WiFi signal.

Use the following guidelines when you position the wireless router or access point:

  • Place the wireless router in a central position in the room
  • Move the wireless router away from the other wireless signals

Place the Wireless Router in Central Position in the Room

Just by placing the wireless router in the central position, and move away from the walls and especially big metal obstacles, can solve all the problems with the poor coverage, range and low wireless signals. This simple action can be more efficient from buying the expensive WiFi extender.

Move the Wireless Router away from the other Wireless Signals

Other sources of the wireless signals can reduce or completely kill your WiFi signal. The following wireless signals can be a big problem for your wireless home network:

  • Other WiFi networks
  • Microwave ovens
  • BlueTooth
  • Cordless phones
  • Car alarm

Moving the wireless router from these wireless signals or eliminating these signals can be sometimes a better solution than WiFi extender.

Using the WiFi Antenna

the best wifi antenna

the best wifi antenna

Good WiFi antenna can significantly increase the signal of the wireless router and access point. This shouldn’t be the sophisticated expansive antenna. There are many cheap WiFi antennas and it is very easy and almost free to build your own antenna.

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Finding the Best WiFi Extender

You have tried moving the wireless router from the physical obstacles and other wireless signals, the same as using the simple WiFi antenna. But unfortunately, these methods didn’t help to increase the WiFi signal, extend the range and coverage of your wireless home network.

What is the WiFi Extender

WiFi extender is the device which extends the range and coverage of the WiFi network. There is also a way to build your own WiFi extender for almost free in a few minutes. Of course you can also buy the appropriate WiFi range extender for improving the range and coverage of the home wireless network.

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Other Methods for Extending the Range of the Wireless Home Network

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