You have problems with the poor WiFi coverage and low wireless speed. Check is the WiFi booster the best solution for the problem and what is the best wireless router.

Why to Buy a WiFi Booster?

WiFi booster

WiFi booster

The WiFi booster is not the only solution for your problem. Before you spend money on the expensive device, first check the following tips.

Better Position of the Wireless Router can Significantly Improving the Wireless Coverage and Range

Just putting the wireless router in different places can significantly improve the wireless range and coverage. There are two things that have a large influence on the wireless signal:

  • Interference of the other wireless signals
  • Physical obstructions

Interference from the Other Wireless Signals

Today there are so many wireless signals all around us. If there are many wireless signals in the same place, one can cause disturbance to another. The disturbance may interrupt, degrade, and obstruct radio signals.

WiFi signal, especially if it is working on the frequency of 2.4 GHz, have very high possibility of the interference. The reason is because this is unregulated spectrum and there are many different technologies are using the similar frequency.

If your wireless router is close to any other wireless signals like Bluetooth, cordless phones and microwave ovens, and especially the WiFi signals from your neighbors, they will cause the interference.

Physical Obstructions

Physical obstructions like walls, ceilings, big mirrors, and big metal cabinets can decrease or completely stop WiFi signals. Moving away from these obstacles and direction the WiFi antennas in directions of wireless clients can make the coverage and range of your wireless home network much better.

Tips for Better Position of your Wireless Router

If you play and try different positions for your wireless router according to the following tips, you may solve the most of the problems with the coverage and poor wireless data rate in your wireless home network.

  • Move the wireless router in the central position of the room, away from the walls
  • Position your router as high as you can
  • Put the antennas of your WiFi router towards the wireless clients (especially where you had a problem with a weak wireless signal and coverage)
  • Move your WiFi router away from the Microwave ovens, base station of the cordless phone, other WiFi signals

What is WiFi Booster?

WiFi booster is a wireless network device which boosts the range and coverage of your wireless home network. WiFi booster or WiFi repeater connects to your current wireless router and forwards these signals. In this way WiFi signal booster can significantly increase the range and coverage of your wireless home network. The best position for the WiFi booster is at the edge of your wireless home network towards problematic zone.


What was the Best WiFi signal Boosters in 2014

I was checking the review of the best WiFi signal boosters in 2014 in the article 2014 best WiFi Boosters Review.  When you compare the best devices from this review with the customer reviews on the Amazon, you get a completely different picture.

Hawking HW2R1

Hawking HW2R1 was the best marker wireless router in the review with almost perfect ratings. Functionality 10/10, features 8.8/10, help and support 7.5/10 and with the average rate of 9.1. The same router on the Amazon has 3.1 of 5 stars and 32% of the reviews with the only 1 star and they wanted  to replace this WiFi booster.

ZyXEL WAP3205 V2

ZyXEL WAP3205 V2 the second best device on the expert reviews. Functionality 10/10, features 7.8/10, help and support 8.8/10 and with the average rate of 8.9. This device also has only 3.1 of five starts from the customer reviews, with 26% of the reviews with the 1 star.

Securifi Almond Wireless Router / Range Extender

Securifi Almond WiFi booster is the wireless device with the best customer reviews. It has 4.6 of 5 stars. Only 4 percent give 1 star, while 81% of customer gives 5 stars to this product. The product wasn’t even tested by experts.

Amped Wireless Repeater and Range Extender (SR300)

Amped WiFi booster has 4.2 of 5 stars from the customer reviews. 10% of the customers give the 1 star, while 65% of customer reviews was with the 5 stars. The product wasn’t tested by the expert.

The best WiFi Booster Conclusion

As you see the best rated WiFi booster by the experts are very poorly rated by the customer reviews. Experts are looking for the features and functionality, while for the customer reviews are most important long time reliability. The expert reviews do not take in consideration stability and reliability for long time period. Some customer reviews can be false. But I take only very popular products with more than 1000 customer reviews.

It is up to you, would you believe more the experts or from the customer reviews.

Read more about different kinds of wireless signal boosters in the post Wireless Signal Booster – Increase the Coverage of Wireless Network.


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