When to use WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network, more often called WiFi? The answer is anytime and anywhere you want.

when to use WLAN

When to use WLAN?

The world has become increasingly mobile. The last few years the mobile phones, especially smartphones have dramatically changed the world of the most people. You could see the very small children using the smartphones and tablets. The most of us want to be online anywhere and anytime. The combination of the WiFi and mobile internet is the best solution that enables these.

I recommend that you read about the basic elements of every WLAN network in the WLAN formation.

I am sure you have heard and used thousands of times for WiFi. Do you really know what is WiFi and how it works? In the article what does WiFi stand for, find out about the origin of the WiFi. In the same article you can also find about all versions of the WiFi:

For finding not only when to use WLAN, but also what is WiFi and WLAN and is there a difference what they represent, read the article what is WiFi. You could also find there about the WiFi certification.

WiFi is the term which is usually used for the WLAN networks. WiFi or Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity and refers to the wireless networks that use radio signals defined by IEEE 802.11 standards. The WiFi Alliance is an organization which is testing equipment of lots of WiFi vendors and issues a certification..

Wireless connectivity does not have any restrictions. You can move freely in all ranges of wireless network. With laptops, palms and iPods you can enjoy the full benefits of wireless technology. You just need to find a Hotspot, and today, for sure, it is not a problem.

If you want to implement a network in your home or office, WLAN is a great choice. You do not have to demolish your walls for network jack. You do not need to have cables all over your floor. Imagine your favourite coffee house, drinking coffee, checking mail and reading news on the internet. What about airports, train stations? Perfect places for WiFi hot spots.

You know when to use WLAN. My recommendation is that you read an article about the WiFi technology. You can get the general picture about the WiFi, how it works, its basic elements and the most important devices used. Read about it in my post WiFi technology.

One of the applications of WLAN is wireless IP telephony. Read more about this in Wireless IP Telephony – Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN).

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