What Does WLAN Stand For? Find out not only this, but lots of interesting facts about the wireless technology. 

What Does WLAN Stand For?

WLAN is Wireless Local Area Network. You could also find a term Wireless LAN. WLAN presents wireless networks of devices that exchange data with the radio signals.

Please do not mix terms WLAN and VLAN. The terms are almost the same, but they mean very different things. The VLAN is Virtual Local Area Network, or you could also call it the Virtual LAN. VLAN divides one switch into more different broadcast domains, different networks. So be aware of that difference.

There is a more common name for WLAN networks – WiFi networks. If you want to know what is WiFi, and is there a difference between those two, you can read on What is WiFi . What does WiFi stand for, what is WiFi and how does WiFi work you can read on What does WiFi stand for.

What are the 802.11 Networks?

IEEE standards - What Does WLAN Stand For

IEEE standards

802.11 networks are basically the WLAN networks. 802.11 is the family of standards defined by IEEE -Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. In the sheet you can find the whole list of 802.11 family with its basic characteristics.

More about WLAN you can read on What Does WLAN Stand For.

IEEE 802.11a is standard that use the 5 GHz band with maximum speed of 54 Mbps.

IEEE 802.11b uses a frequency band of 2.4 GHz with maximum speed of 11 Mbps.

IEEE 802.11g is also on frequency of 2.4 GHz, but its maximum speed is 54 Mbps.

IEEE 802.11n can work on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, with the maximum theoretical bit rate of 600 Mbps.

802.11ac works only on 5 GHz and its maximum theoretical bit rate is 1.3 Gbps.

IEEE 802.11i is an appendix to the 802.11 standard that specifies new generation of wireless security.

IEEE 802.16 – Broadband Wireless Access standard.

If you are interested in details about the IEEE 802.11 family of standards, the best way to expend your knowledge is on IEEE page about the 802.11.

You know what does WLAN stand for. My advice for you would be to check my post about the WiFi technology. There you can get the general knowledge about the WiFi in general. Interesting facts about the elements of every WLAN network. How WLAN is working. Also about the wireless routers, wireless clients and how to extend your WiFi network.

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