What Does WiFi Stand For and how it works learn here.

What Does WiFi Stand For?  What about Wi-Fi or WiFi?

WiFi, Wi-Fi and WiFi are the names for the same thing.  They present  technology that enables connection to the internet.  It also interconnects devices like laptops, smartphones, computers, tablets… Today almost every new gadget has a WiFi capability.

What Does WiFi Stand For?

What Does WiFi Stand For?

But what does WiFi stand for? Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity. The name is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. In 1999 new wireless industry needed a marketing name for their new products. Technical names like IEEE802.11 or WLAN (Wireless LAN) weren’t catchy. This was the reason why Wi-Fi Alliance introduced the name WiFi. The name sounds similar to the term Hi-Fi – high fidelity or high quality audio devices.

What is WiFi?

WiFi, or WiFi is name for the whole wireless internet technology – wireless access points, wireless routers – all devices which have the possibility for wireless connection. The technical name for this device is WLAN – wireless local area network. These devices are based on IEEE 802.11 standard. Standards describe different speeds and transfer mechanism for wireless signals.

There are following 802.11 standards:

How Does WiFi Work?

WiFi or WLAN networks use radio waves to exchange information between devices. These radio waves are transmitted on specific frequency – 2.4GHz or 5 GHz. Frequency depends on the 802.11 standard which device uses. Similar technology is used for mobile phones.

Wireless adapter or wireless network card translates data packets to the radio signals. Access point or wireless router can receive these radio signals.  Then it can transfer radio signals to the wired Ethernet connection – for your local wired network. Or it can transfer signals to the wired ADSL, optical or cable connection for Internet connection.

Technical Details About the WiFi Technology

Now you know the answers on questions what does WiFi stand for, what is WiFi and how does WiFi work. You are interested in more technical details about this fascinated technology. My recommendation is that you read the following:

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Lot of people are not sure what does WiFi stand for, but they are using it.The WiFi technology has become incredibly popular.

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