What does DSL mean, the definition and much more about the DSL technology.

What does DSL mean?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. DSL is the family of different technologies used for the internet access. Internet access over the DSL uses the classical telephone line.

Thanks to the DSL technology, it enabled very fast internet access over the same cable which you use for phone calls. What is also very important to mention is that DSL technology enables you to have regular analogue phone call and fast internet access at the same time.

Usually the same company which offers the phone service also offers the DSL internet access. The best option is to have the three services over the same phone line. The phone, internet access and TV over the internet (also called IPTV) on the one telephone cable are called triple play.

DSL internet providers offer the DSL service and they usually offer also triple play service. If you want to find out more about the DSL providers, types of DSL, DSL equipment, DSL modem and Best DSL providers, read the post DSL Internet Providers – High Speed Internet over old Telephone Lines.

DSL Definition and Explanation

Digital subscriber line or DSL is the dominant technology for broadband internet access. According to a survey in 2012, more than 364 million of subscribers all over the world are using a DSL as the broadband internet access. Now when you know what does DSL mean, I will explain you more about the DSL technology.

The DSL internet access is enabled by two pieces of equipment, DSLAM and DSL modem. On the operator premises there is DSLAM or Digital subscriber line access multiplexer. DSLAM, thanks to the filter, connect the telephony service and internet access to the same physical line. Usually one DSLAM covers one part of the city.

On the customer premises there is a DSL modem and filter. The cable from the DSL internet provider fist needs to be connected to the filter. On the other side there are two connections for two cables. One cable goes to your phone and other to the DSL modem. DSL modem enables you the fast internet connection.

One DSL line can carry two different services at the same time, because DSL uses higher frequency than analogue telephone signal. DSL can offer you the speeds up to 100 Mbps. The speeds of 1 Gbps have been reached in trials.

DSL Types

I already mentioned in this post that what does DSL mean and that DSL is the family of the different technologies that is a reason why it is called xDSL. Now you can learn about all different types of DSL. DSL has the following types:

  • Symmetric digital subscriber line with the same downlink and uplink speed
  • Asymmetric digital subscriber line or ADSL, with different downlink and uplink speed

The symmetric digital subscriber line has the following DSL types:

  • ISDN digital subscriber line or IDSL
  • HDSL or High bit rate digital subscriber line with  HDSL2 and HDSL4
  • Symmetric digital subscriber line or SDSL
  • Single-pair high-speed digital subscriber line or G.SHDSL

Asymmetric digital subscriber line or ADSL umbrella has the following DSL types:

  • ANSI T1.413 Issue 2
  • G.dmt
  • G.lite
  • Asymmetric digital subscriber line 2 or ADSL2
  • Asymmetric digital subscriber line 2 plus or ADSL2+
  • Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line or VDSL
  • Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line 2 or VDSL2
  • G.fast

What does DSL mean Conclusion

You have learnt here what does DSL mean and DSL definition. At the end of this post as a conclusion, I wanted to mention that DSL is the great technology for the home internet access. Especially interesting is the triple-play triple play service with the phone, internet and TV. If you use the wireless gateway with the DSL port, you can have the wireless home network with the DSL internet access.

More about the wireless home network read in the post Wireless Home Network – How to Set up WiFi Network that Meets All Your Needs.

Read more in-depth analysis about what does DSL mean, DSL definition and DSL technology in the Wikipedia article Digital subscriber line.

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