The best wireless router is a different thing for different cases. Find which is the best for you here.

The Six Most Important Things for Buying The Best Wireless Router

How to find the best wireless router for you? You should take in consideration six main points:

  1. Technical Features
  2. WiFi version
  3. Is it WiFi certified?
  4. Reliability
  5. Support
  6. Cost

The WiFi technology is changing rapidly. This keeps you, the tech lover, on a wild goose chase to have the best wireless router and other WiFi equipment. It is very important to establish your own criteria to determine the best product for your case.

How to find your best WiFi router? Are you among the ones that first look price, or others that prefer quality and features? Maybe you are considering only the specific brands? In my opinion the most important part in buying any new gadget is to decide what you really need from the WiFi router.

Technical Features

One of the first things you need to consider in your buying decision are the technical features of the device. In feature analysis, it is a big difference if you are buying the wireless router for a small apartment or a house. Do you buy the device for a small office or for an enterprise?

Your WiFi router should support all security features – WPA and WPA2, MAC filtering, disabling the SSID broadcast. The features like VLANs -Virtual LANs and multiple SSIDs you don’t need for the apartment, but they are essential for the enterprise WiFi router.

WiFi Standards

A critical factor in deciding, what is the best wireless router, is the router’s WiFi standard. If you have clients that work only on 2.4 GHz, buying the WiFi router which works on 5 GHz, is a big mistake.

The latest standard – IEEE 802.11ac is working on 5 GHz, while the most of older standards are working only on 2.4 GHz. This is very important to be aware of. More about the standards you can read on what does WLAN stand for.

Is the Wireless Router Wi-Fi Certified?

WiFi certification is assurance that your WiFi router meets rigorous interoperability testing requirements. This ensures interoperability between different vendors. The WiFi router with a Wi-Fi Certified trademark has a guarantee it will work with Wireless cards on the client machines from different vendors.

Beside interoperability, with the Wi-Fi certificate you have assurance for the latest security options and an easy network setup.

More about the Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Alliance and their certification you can read on what is WiFi

Is the Wireless Router Reliable?

The best way to check, how the WiFi router is reliable, is to read forums and reviews. Beside expert reviews, I recommend that you also check the customer reviews.

The problem with the latest WiFi routers is that they are not for long on the market. My advice is that you don’t buy the latest version of any gadget. Wait for a couple of months and to then read reviews about them. Especially keep eye on the customer reviews.

I recommend that you check the expert reviews for 10 best wireless routers and Amazon customer reviews for the best wireless routers.

Customer Support

On  Amazon customer reviews you could find the experience of various customers. Among them there are also customer comments about the support. On the vendor’s web site check for the firmware updates and read the FAQs page. Good support web pages are a big advantage.

What is the Price of the WiFi router?

The last but not least – the price. Why don’t buy the cheapest wireless router that has great previous five points.

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