Best WiFi antenna? There are many different solutions. Check which is the best for you.

What is the Best WiFi Antenna

What is the best WiFi antenna? Is it the best option for WiFi range extender? It is not easy to find the best option for wireless range extension. There are many kinds of WiFi antennas, and it is not an easy task to find the best solution for your wireless network. Let’s go together through this post and find the solution for this.

You need to read antenna specifications, because it can work in different frequency bands. More about the different WiFi standards read on What Does WLAN Stand For. If you are looking for a cheap, simple, but also more than acceptable solution, the best choice is a wireless router antenna.

Find out more about the WiFi, WLAN, the difference between the WiFi and WLAN and WiFi certification you can read on what is WiFi.

You can find two basic types of WiFi antennas:

  • Directional
  • Omnidirectional

Omnidirectional Wireless Router Antenna

The omnidirectional wireless router antenna is used for point to multipoint connections. The omnidirectional antenna transmits the radio signals in all directions. In most cases it has lower gain than directional wireless internet antenna.

If you are trying to make your wireless signal stronger and the range longer, the best WiFi antenna for you is omnidirectional antenna.

There are five types of omnidirectional wireless router antenna:

  • Vertical Omnis
  • Ceiling Domes
  • Rubber Ducks
  • Small Desktops
  • Mobile Vertical Antennas

Directional Wireless Router Antenna

The directional wireless router antenna is mostly used for point to point connections. If you are trying to connect to remote wireless access points or the wireless routers, the best WiFi antenna is the directional wireless router antenna.

There are four types of directional antennas:

  • Yagi
  • Dish
  • Panel
  • Sector

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Homemade WiFi antenna

The homemade WiFi antenna is not the best WiFi antenna, but it is for sure the cheapest. You will be surprised by how easy is to build your own homemade WiFi antenna. You could make it very easy in your home for almost free.

Learn how to make a homemade antenna on – Homemade WiFi Antenna.

Have you tried to build your own WiFi antenna? Do you have some experience with the wireless antenna? What is the best WiFi antenna you have used? Please leave the comment below.

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