Satellite Internet Providers have lots of disadvantages, but the high speed satellite internet can be  your best option. Check here all about satellite internet service providers.

In the video clip below, you can see that satellite internet connection is the perfect solution for the rural, remote and isolated areas. Mobile satellite internet system is situated on the roof of the Bookmobile. It provides the internet access anywhere in the North America and eliminates the need for land lines, mobile access and other wireless services in the isolated areas.

Advantages of the Satellite Internet Providers

There are few advantages of the satellite internet service providers, but they are unbeatable:

  • they are available everywhere
  • the best for isolated areas without any infrastructure

In spite the fact that satellite internet is the most expensive form of broadband internet, many subscribers are using satellite. The biggest advantage of the satellite internet is that it is available anywhere. If you have all needed equipment (satellite dish, transceiver and modem), you can have the high speed internet connection everywhere. Unlike from all other internet providers, satellite internet providers don’t have any need for extra infrastructure.

All other service providers provide connection usually to the urban areas, with a dense concentration of the customers. They bring their infrastructure to the area with enough customers, to make their investment in the infrastructure profitable.

The satellite internet providers are not so flexible, like other internet service providers. They don’t have the wide range of bundles and packages. This could also be an advantage, because their billing system and plans are more simple and straightforward.

Disadvantages of the Satellite Internet Providers

  • high cost
  • relatively slower
  • big latency

High speed satellite internet can be quite expensive. The reason for higher price is they need to cover the following cost:

  • installation
  • expensive equipment
  • shipping of the quite big and heavy equipment
  • activation fee.

Some satellite providers charge you for dish rental or even for a whole price of the dish. It is important that you keep an eye on these hidden costs.

The initial cost of the installation and activation of the service could be very high, but the most of these charges are often negotiable. The good advice is to ask for discount.

Characteristics of the Satellite Internet

For the satellite internet connection you need the following equipment:

  • VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) dish antenna
  • transceiver
  • modem

The equipment on the side of the satellite internet provider:

  • GEO (Geosynchronous Earth Orbit) satellite
  • gateway earth stations – works as relay between GEO satellite and VSAT dish antenna
  • NOC (Network Operations Center) – monitors the entire system

Wireless Internet Service Providers

Broadband internet satellite is slower than other broadband connections. This is because signal needs to travel a big way from your dish to satellite and back. This is the main reason why the latency is quite big. Because of the latency, Satellite Internet service is not the best solution for the applications like online gaming, voice calls, and video conferencing.

Satellite internet providers are only one type of the wireless internet providers. The other wireless providers are:

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  1. heather says:

    I have found that Blue Fire Broadband is a reliable option for high-speed Internet (wireless and satellite) especially in rural areas. check out their site for more info, being on a budget myself, I consider them pretty affordable.

  2. Kylie Dotts says:

    I love how you said that the benefit of satellite internet is that it is available anywhere. This would be super helpful if you could somehow place a dish on your car because then you could have internet while traveling on long trips or something like that. Keeping kids entertained is pretty important on them and being able to listen to the music you want would also be really nice. I’ll have to look into it to see if that is ever a plausible option.

    • Igor Bartolic says:

      Thanks very much Kylie for your comment.

      Satellite Internet is not the best choice for mobility. You can put the satellite dish on your camper and have internet everywhere, but the satellite internet is not the best option when you are driving on highway.
      The best option to have a good internet access is the mobile cellular internet. Your provider needs to have a network there and you need to have a good signal. Usually the important roads and highways have a very good cellular mobile internet signal.

  3. Todd Stauffer says:

    I love how you said that satellite internet providers can get you internet anywhere in the world. Traveling is something that I have to do regularly for work. Getting internet is not always something that is available when I travel. It would be nice to have internet that follows me instead of me needing to follow the internet.

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