Linksys Wireless Router – Is it Still one of the Best Home WiFi Routers

New Linksys Wireless Router – Acquisition of Belkin

The Linksys wireless routers was one of the best home wireless routers. Especially the Linksys WRT54G routers have the legendary status among wireless routers. Belkin has bought the Linksys in march 2013, and there is a big question mark for the quality of new Linksys routers.


Linksys is a company which is famous for home and small business networking products. Its products are:

  • wireless routers
  • wireless adapters
  • wireless bridges
  • wired routers
  • Ethernet switches
  • security cameras.

Linksys was founded in 1988 in California by Janie and Victor Tsao. The first products were printer sharers that connected multiple computers to the printers. After that they started with Ethernet hubs, network cards and cords.

The company started to expand from the mid 1990s with networking products, especially cable and DSL routers. In March 2003, Cisco has bought Linksys and sold it to Belkin in March 2013. New Belkin has even 30% of the home router market.


Belkin is a manufacturer of the consumer electronics like:

  • wireless and wired routers
  • Ethernet switches
  • iPod and iPhone accessories
  • USB and computer network cables.

Belkin was founded in 1983 in California by Chet Pipkin and it was among fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. Beside United States it has offices in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Australia.

In early 2009 it was discovered that Belkin was paying users to manipulate customer reviews on Amazon, Newegg and for the buggy Belkin routers.

Belkin Wireless Routers

Unlike Linksys wireless routers, Belkin wireless routers had problems with stability, customer service, slower connections, bad coverage. Belkin wireless routers often get bad reviews from professional and customers. It was even proved that it manipulates customer reviews at Amazon, Newegg and Read more about new Belkin AC series on Belkin wireless router – the new AC series should be avoided.

New Linksys Wireless Router EA6900

After buying Linksys, Belkin has made a small change on Linksys router by adding three adjustable antennas. These three antennas didn’t improve the performance of the router.


  • Very fast at close range.
  • Nice and compact design.
  • Unstable 5 GHz band.
  • Problem with the USB3.0 port.
  • Overheating.
  • Price is too high for what it offers.


Great and detail review of Linksys wireless router EA6900 you can read on Linksys EA6900 802.11ac Wi-Fi router review: Too expensive for what’s delivered.

Future Linksys Wireless Router

My opinion is that Belkin needs to do lots of work to transform the Linksys wireless routers in top class WiFi routers. They especially need to improve their customer care center and technical support which is outsourced to India.

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