You have just bought a new laptop and you are interested to find all the ways for the laptop wireless internet access. Do you need to buy some extra equipment and how much you need to pay for the wireless internet access? Find here all the answers about the wireless internet for laptops.

How to get the Laptop Wireless Internet Access

Rapid growth of the wireless technology has enabled a lot of new opportunities. Especially the WiFi and mobile internet have changed our lives completely. We need to be “on-line” anywhere and anytime. Go with me to learn how to get the laptop wireless internet access.

Four Types of the Laptop Wireless Internet Access

Wireless internet for laptops can be accomplished in four ways. I have listed them by popularity from the most popular to the least popular:

You can read here about the first two most popular types of the laptop wireless internet access – WiFi internet access and mobile internet access. In the article, how does wireless internet work, you can read more about all four types of the wireless internet access.

WiFi Wireless Internet Access

WiFi Advantages

WiFi wireless internet access is the most common type of the laptop wireless internet access. The biggest advantages of the WiFi are:

No Additional Hardware Needed for your Laptop

WiFi card

All new laptops have built-in WiFi card, so you don’t need a new hardware. If your laptop doesn’t have WiFi connectivity, you can buy the wireless card. All about the various wireless card versions you can read on wireless internet card.

Wireless router

The laptop with WiFi connection is not enough for the internet connection. There should be a WiFi network with the internet access to go on-line. The source of the WiFi signal is the wireless router or access point. What is the wireless router and how does it work you can read on broadband wireless router.

How to find the most appropriate wireless router for you? Before you decide which one to buy, read the best wireless router and check six most important things for buying WiFi router.

Setting up the WiFi network can be tricky. In five simple steps you can do it in five minutes:

  1. get the equipment
  2. connect the cables
  3. properly position the WiFi router
  4. configure the WiFi router
  5. connect laptop to the WiFi network.

Detail description of this five steps you can find in setting up a wireless network.

Wireless internet security

Home wireless network without a proper security can be a big threat for your privacy and financial security, so you need to be careful when configuring the wireless router. In the article wireless router setup, you can learn how to make your wireless network bulletproofed.

The Cheapest Internet Connection

WiFi Hot Spot

WiFi Hot Spot

Laptop wireless internet access with the WiFi is cheapest way for internet connectivity. There are two ways to establish the WiFi internet access:

  • connect to the public WiFi hot spot
  • use your home WiFi network
WiFi hot spot

WiFi hot spot is a public place with the wireless internet connection. Connection to some hot spots you need to pay, but there are lots of free Wifi hotspots. More about this you can read on WiFi hot spot.

The Fastest and the Most Reliable Wireless Connection

WiFi is the fastest and the most reliable type of the laptop wireless internet access. The new generation of WiFi 802.11ac supports gigabit speeds. You can setup the QoS – quality of service on your wireless router. With the QoS you can prioritize the traffic and get the extra reliability for this type of traffic.

WiFi Disadvantages

The disadvantage of the WiFi internet access are:

  • limited range
  • interference

Limited WiFi range

If there is no WiFi signal, on which you can connect, there is no internet connection. Today there are more and more WiFi hot spots and less problem with the range of the WiFi signal.


WiFi usually works on 2.4 GHz frequency, which is used by many wireless devices. This could cause the interference and result with limited coverage and lower speed. Placing the wireless router, away from the other wireless signals and physical obstacles, can reduce the interference.

Mobile Internet Access

Most of the regions today, especially urban areas, are covered with the signal of mobile operators.

Mobile Internet Advantages

The advantages of the mobile internet access are:

  • Big coverage
  • Great flexibility

Big coverage and flexibility

Mobile operators, beside phone calls, offer the mobile internet access. 3G and especially LTE, enables mobile internet access in almost every part of the word.

You need to have the cellular adapter for you laptop to have mobile internet connectivity. Some laptops have built-in support for the mobile internet. You only need to insert the SIM card from your mobile operator.

Mobile Internet Disadvantages

The disadvantages of the mobile internet access are:

  • more expensive
  • connectivity problems

 More expensive

Mobile internet access is more expensive, especially if you download big amount of data. The coast of roaming, when you go international, can be quite big.

Connectivity problems

When there is a congestion in the mobile operator network, you could experience the problems with low speed, and connectivity.

Laptop Wireless Internet Access – the Final Note

Laptop wireless internet access gives you opportunity to be connected anywhere and anytime. The best way for you to be on-line is the combination of the WiFi wireless internet and mobile internet access.

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