IoT or Internet of Things will completely change our lives and lead us to a Networked Society. Find out how your life will be changed with this technology.

Internet of Things


Iot – Internet of Things applications

Let’s first start with defining what are things. Which things will be reconnected and connected to the Internet? The things are literally anything and everything.

  • People
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Vehicles
  • Buildings
  • Machines
  • Objects
  • Goods
  • Appliances
  • Soils

How we will accomplish IoT?

    1. Unique Identity – Ipv6 IP address

    We need to give a unique identity to each thing we want to connect. This identity will be IPv6 IP address.

    1. Wireless Connectivity – Mobile Networks

    Things need to be connected. The ideal medium for this is the Wireless Internet. 5th Generation of Mobile Networks or 5G will be the main technology used for connecting things.

    1. Give sensors to the thing

    There are 5 senses:

    • Sight
    • Hearing
    • Touch
    • Taste
    • Smell

    We need to simulate these 5 senses with sensors to

    1. Control and manage the thing – With embedded device

    We need to be able to control the thing from anywhere around the world. We do this with small embedded devices in or on the thing.

Autonomous Car – Example of the Internet of Things

  1. The car needs to have a unique identity – mobile SIM card with its unique identifier IMSI and IPv6 IP address.
  2. The car is connected to the internet over its SIM card to the 5G mobile network.
  3. Car needs to have sensors – video cameras to be able to sense the world around it.
  4. The car is controlled with embedded system situated locally in the car and controlled from the central office. In the central office you have most of the brain and management and control of many cars.

With IoT you give things the ability to Sense, Communicate and Control. Things interact and collaborate with other things.

Who cares about IoT?

  • Big tech companies
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Industrial
  • Utilities
  • Smart Cities
  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Smart Buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Geeks
  • Consumers – Everyone

Big Tech Companies

Big companies are investing in Internet of Things. Telecom and Mobile Operator companies are already starting to invest in 5G. Google has invested billions of dollars to be prepared for the IoT revolution.

Transport & Logistics

Transport industry is already using Smart vehicles and Autonomous cars and soon they will be ready for mass usage.


The IoT enables much more efficient use of energy. Smart meters installed in buildings allow utility companies to manage energy consumption in buildings.


Companies will use the Industrial Internet of Things to capture a new growth in three ways: increasing revenues with higher production and new hybrid business models, using new intelligent technologies to fuel innovation and transformation of the workforce.

Smart Cities

New IoT applications enable remote monitoring, management and control of devices which will result in a better infrastructure, more efficient municipal services, much better public transport, reduced traffic congestion. Citizens will be safer and more engaged within their community.


Internet of Things will radically change agriculture. It will enable farmers to detect soil moisture, crop growth and livestock feed levels. Smart harvesters, that are remotely controlled, and irrigation systems, that use machine learning algorithms, provide increased productions and higher revenues.


Environmental sensors can measure air and water quality in real time. Smart farming can save water, prevent periodic droughts and ensure more efficient use of fertilizers. Smart Homes, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities will save more energy.

New kind of networks – LPWA – will have low-power embedded sensors with battery life of over 10 years and much longer distance to the antennas.


Wearable devices that capture data like heart rate and blood pressure. Hospitals can remotely collect data from its patients. Remotely operated or automotive robots will be able to perform surgeries.


Me and you who are reading this are probably already using different gadgets that are connected to the internet like smart watches, smart TVs, Smart Thermostats, Smart Homes and who know what other devices connected to the network and the Internet.


Nowadays almost everyone uses SmartPhones, from little children to the elders, from people in poor places to those in the richest countries. IoT will bring progress to all parts of our life like:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • Wisdom

Is there a danger in the Internet of Things?

The biggest challenge of IoT is security. Billions of different devices connected to the internet is a huge risk. Cars, public transport, medical devices etc hacked and controlled by malicious people are a great danger, so to ensure the security of networks will be the highest priority.

But even few years ago, most people were terrified to use internet banking and on-line shopping which today is a normal thing. So I am not afraid for the future of IoT and our society.

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