How does wireless internet work? Read more about fascinated wireless technology in this post.

What is Wireless Internet and How Does Wireless Internet Work?

You are interested in how does wireless internet work. Let’s first define what wireless internet is. If you are using a wireless internet, you don’t need a wire for internet connection. Between subscribers and internet provider there is a wireless connection. The type of the connections depends on the type of wireless internet you are using.

How Does Wireless Internet Work

How Does Wireless Internet Work

Types of Wireless Internet

There are four types of wireless internet:

  • Mobile Wireless Internet
  • WiFi Internet Service
  • WiMAX Solution
  • Mobile Satellite Internet

Mobile Wireless Internet

Together with the voice calls, mobile carriers offer mobile wireless internet. All new types of mobile phones have option to connect to the internet. You can also use an internet card for a laptop from the mobile carriers.

Mobile carriers offer different internet speeds. The speeds depend on the technology which mobile operator uses.  The most popular mobile internet technologies is 3G . But lately on the mobile market has come the fourth generation of the mobile internet or 4G. When we talk about the 4G, usually it is about the LTE – Long Term Evolution. The peak download speed for 4G LTE is up to 100 Mbps and for 3G the internet speeds are up to 2 Mbps for UMTS and up to 42 Mbps with HSDPA.

I just need to mention that there are still no real 4G technology. 4G internet has a very strict requirements. Read more about the 4G internet, requirements for the real 4G technology in the post 4G Internet – There is still no Real 4G Technology on the Market.

WiFi Internet Service

All Smartphones have two choices for Internet connection – mobile data and WiFi. Your mobile phones, laptops and tablets are connected to your home wireless network. The broadband wireless router is responsible for the internet connection and connectivity between all devices in the wireless network.

In public places there are free WiFi hotspots. Thanks to them you could enjoy the free WiFi internet connections. There are also WiFi hot spots which are not free.

WiMAX Solution

A WiMAX – Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is the wireless internet solution. With the latest WiMAX generation you can enjoy internet speeds up to 1 Gbps for fixed stations. This WirelessMAN technology provides home internet access or even internet access across whole cities or even countries.

Mobile Satellite Internet

If you are living in the remote rural areas, a mobile satellite internet is the best option. The satellite internet is the most expensive of all wireless internet variations.  Its biggest advantage is that you can use it in the most isolated areas. If you have a satellite dish with the rest of the equipment, you can have wireless internet connection wherever you want.

Here you have learned how does wireless internet work. In the wireless internet service providers you can read about the types of the wireless internet providers – WISPs and their advantages and disadvantages.

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