Homemade WiFi Antenna – Three Best Ways to Build Your Own WiFi Antenna

Homemade WiFi antenna is a great way to extend the range of your WiFi network. Find out how you can build WiFi antenna and increase the range of your wireless network almost for free.

Homemade WiFi antenna
Homemade WiFi antenna

Three Best Ways to Build Homemade WiFi Antenna

There are many ways to build antennas for the WiFi network. I will show you three great ways to build a WIFI antenna in a simple and cheap way. More about antennas for wireless network you can read on The Best WiFi Antenna.

Windsurfer Antenna 

Windsurfer antenna is my favorite way for building wireless antenna. It is the easiest and the cheapest way to build a homemade WiFi antenna. This antenna looks very odd, but despite this, it is very efficient and even a child could make it.

All you need is here:

In the video below you can see how it is easy and quick making this kind of antenna:

DIY Antenna

DIY antenna is one of the cheapest ways to build your homemade WiFi antenna.Here is a list of things you need to have for building this kind of antenna:

  • Packaging foam – Copper wire
  • BNC connector chassis
  • BNC connector cable
  • Brass plate

 Pringles Cantenna

You can build homemade WiFi antenna from the Pringles can and USB wireless network adapter in less than two minutes. You will also need a scissors, tweezers and marker.

Wireless Range Extension

I showed you here how you can build your own wireless antenna for your wireless home network. It is very easy to build them and the parts of which this antenna is built are quite inexpensive. Wi-Fi Antennas build in this could extend the range of your home Wi-Fi network and make your wireless signal stronger almost as expansive antenna you need to buy.

The usage of wireless antenna is not the only way to make your WiFi signal stronger. There are other methods for extension of your WLAN radio coverage and making your WLAN network signal stronger. Read more about this on WLAN extend.