Hacking WPA – Is it Possible? Find out here how to protect your wireless network from hacking and make your wireless network unbreakable and hacking WPA in your WiFi network almost impossible.

hacking WPA

hacking WPA

Wireless Internet Security

The most important is setting up your home wireless security is following:

  • Change default password on your wireless router
  • Change the default SSID
  • Do not use WEP in any case
  • Use manual configuration of your wireless router
  • Never use dictionary words for the passwords
  • Do not use WPS – WiFi protected setup.
  • Use WPA2 with AES
  • Disable the ad-hoc mode on your laptop
  • Be careful in WiFi hotspots.

Read about this kind of wireless encryption on What Is WPA? Is It Better than WEP? And What About WPA2. My biggest recommendation is to use WPA instead of WEP. On the WEP vs WPA – What is the Best Wireless Internet Security you can read about all advantages of the WPA and disadvantages of WEP. Some of you have heard something about cracked WPA and that WPA is not safe anymore. Check this additional tips when configuring your wireless router:

  • When you use WPA with the PSK authentication and TKIP encryption, which is also called WPA Personal mode, please apply the following:
    • Shorten the timing of TKIP in your broadband wireless routers. Keys in your home wireless network should be refreshed in less than two minutes.
    • Never use pre-shared key word from the dictionary and the key which is shorter in length. Use instead 63 character password that is a combination of random characters and you should include at least 2 special symbols.
  • In enterprise environment do not use WPA with PSK authentication with TKIP encryption. Use WPA with AES (Advanced Encryption System) encryption or WPA2 Enterprise mode.

Read about hacking WPA in the article How to Crack a Wi-Fi Network’s WPA Password with Reaver.

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