Free WiFi hotspots are locations with a free public WiFi network. Find out how to find a free WiFi hot spot close to your place.

How to Find a Free WiFi HotSpot

Free WiFi

What is Wifi hotspot, what is the origin of the name and how it works you can check on WiFi hot spot. There are tons of free WiFi hot spots, all over the world. Public hotspots are probably available in places you visit regularly. How can you find them?

Two best ways to find a free WiFi hotspot are:

  • Use smartphone application
  • Use an online search engine or a directory

Use Smartphone Application to Find the Free WiFi

You always have a smartphone in your pocket. The best way to get the free hotspot is with the help of the application installed on your Smartphone.

WiFi Finder

The best application that operates both on the iPhone and Android is WiFi Finder. WiFi Finder is a free application for finding the free WiFi hotspots. It uses the biggest database of public hotspots – JiWire.

Use Online Search Engine or Directory to Find the Free WiFi

Wi-Fi-Free Spot Directory

Wi-Fi-Free Spot Directory is a directory for finding free hotspots. USA state-by-state listing comes first. After that:

  • Europe
  • Canada
  • Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America
  • The Middle East and Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia, New Zeeland and The South Pacific.

Your Suggestions for Finding Free Hotspots

If you are using some other applications or websites for finding free hotspots, please leave me your comment.

Security in Free WiFi Hotspots

Free WiFi hotspots have no security applied to the wireless access points. When a data leaves your WiFi device and if it’s not encrypted, anyone can read everything you send and receive.

You should never do any financial transactions or use your credit card in the public WiFi network. If you are reading your email, or handling any personal data, my advice is to use the SSL or VPN.

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