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    Igor Bartolic

    Which problems did you have because bad WiFi Security in your home network?

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    I have setup the security with WPA-PSK, with very tricky password (non dictionary). I also added MAC filtering security where I added MACs from all my devices, so only I can login to my WiFi network.

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    I have the setting on WiFi router which was setup from my ISP.

    It has some strange network name and some tough password

    This security when you add the list of devices which could join your network is sooo stupid.

    When some one come to your home and want to join the network, you need to configure the router to enable them to join …. so stupid

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    Igor Bartolic

    We need to find the balance between the level of security and convenience. There should be security which disables most of the threats. But, if that security level requires too many user interventions, it is not the best option.
    All these depends on the type of users and their needs.

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