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    Igor Bartolic

    Have you tried some of the IoT devices?

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    Igor Bartolic

    Have you ever tried some of the IoT devices? Here you can find some intresting IoT devices.

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    I’ve ordered Cree Connected LED light bulb to try it for fun. It was very easy to pair it with the Wink app on my phone.

    It would be too expansive having the all light in a home smart lights – each bulb is $15.

    But having option to switch it on and off automatically from your phone is fun… I guess not only fun, but also useful.

    It is better option to have a robot in which you can automatically schedule switching it on and off.

    The more interesting would be pairing other stuff to the Wink app like hubs or some security device. I don’t know is this available.

    With this kind of products you can turn your home to smart home.

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    This smart home stuff seems great. You can fully automate lots of things. You can put on your washing machine from work. So the clothes is finished just as you get back from home…

    You can have from one location – one phone app control of almost every device in your home….

    Maybe it is expansive now, but in future this IoT devices will be probably cheaper.

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      Igor Bartolic

      Thanks WiFi_Freak for sharing your experience with us. The purpose of IoT devices is to transfer our homes to Smart Homes. IoT will soon change all our lives.
      The influence will be even more on Industry and Society. In the article IoT – Internet of Things – The Next Big Thing you can see more about IoT and how Internet of Things will impact our lives.

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    Have you checked this IoT device – MATRIX

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