Find WEP Key – how to do this? You are using WEP as a security algorithm in your wireless network and you have lost a WEP key. I have two news for you, one is bad and one is good. 

Find WEP key

Find WEP key

The bad news is that you are using an old security method which is very easy to hack. The good news is that I will help you to find WEP key in 30 seconds.

The Best Way To Find the Lost WEP Key

Your wireless home network is up and running, but for some reason you have lost your WEP key. My first advice is that you don’t use the WEP anymore. WEP – Wired Equivalent Privacy has been outdated for a long time. From the beginning, it was easy to hack it. With the proper hacking tool, WEP key can be hacked in a minute. On YouTube there are thousands of videos that are showing how to hack the WEP.

Read my post WEP vs WPA. You can find out there all the WEP disadvantages and why to use the WPA2 instead.

For some reason, you still need your lost WEP key. I will show you the two best ways to find it.

  • Find WEP key from your computer
  • Find WEP key from your wireless router

Find WEP Key from your Computer

One of your computers is connected or it was sometimes connected to the wireless network. To be more precise, you have saved profile of the WEP wireless network. The procedure of getting your WEP key is the following (I am using Windows 7):

Don’t worry, if the Network security key looks very strange. This is a hexadecimal version of the passphrase, which is used for WEP algorithm on your wireless router.

Find WEP Key from your Wireless Router

The best way to find WEP key is from your wireless router. For that you need to have the admin password for entering your wireless router. I will show you the procedure of getting the WEP key from the Linksys router.

To login to the wireless router, you first need to know its IP address. It is usually If it isn’t, you can find it in my article wireless router IP address.

  1. Connect to the wireless router using your web browser. Enter
  2. Enter a username and password in the authentication pop up window.
  3. Click on the Wireless tab in the wireless router configuration.
  4. Your WEP key should be visible in the Configuration View of the Basic Wireless Settings.

The Final Conclusion about the WEP

I have stated this lot of times in my blog, and I will do it again 😉 – do not use WEP, use WPA instead. Use WEP only as a last resort.

Here I have shown you two very easy ways to find WEP key in your wireless network. The first one you can use if you have a windows computer with saved wireless profile.

The second way, Find WEP Key from your Wireless Router, is the best if you know how to connect to your wireless router. My example was for the Linksys router. Wireless router from other manufacturers have similar way to show the WEP key.

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