1. Igor Bartolic says:

    I have a question. I am very naive when it comes to connection for WiFi. I am moving to an area (Pittsboro, Chatham County, NC) where they have internet through AT&T Universe only. The connection is apparently not dependable and is out quite often. I have written to companies – RST and Google Fiber who are working on service for the surrounding areas RTP, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Cary and Morrisville. they say they have no plans for Pittsboro/Chatham County.

    I am trying to find a workaround for our connection when we move there. Is there a internet card for my laptop that we could use as a hotspot for all of our connected components – i.e. iPads and Mac’s? Or any other product we can use? What would you suggest? I am clueless but cannot imagine life without continuous Internet.

    Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.

    Lani Phillips

    • Igor Bartolic says:

      Hello Priya,

      Thank you for your question. It is very hard to answer to the question what is the best Internet access. The type of the internet access depends on the most appropriate (with the price, quality, reliability, customer support and the availability in your location).

      In most cases the best solution is to take the fixed internet service provider (DSL, cable, fiber) and use the wireless router. In this case you will have cheaper, reliable and fast internet access in the combination with the wireless internet connection.

      If you live in remote and rural area without available fixed internet providers, the best solution for you is the Satellite internet access.

      I recommend that you read the post DSL Internet Providers – High Speed Internet over old Telephone Lines. You can read here about the DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology, the types of the DSL, DSL equipment and how to find the best DSL internet providers.

      In the post Wireless Home Network – How to Set up WiFi Network that Meets All Your Needs, you can read about the basics of the wireless home networking, wireless network equipment and how to choose the best network equipment for your home.

      If you want to learn about the satellite internet and its advantages and disadvantages, read the post Satellite Internet Providers – the Advantages and Disadvantages.

      Best Regards,
      Igor Bartolic

  2. star says:

    Hello Mr. Igor Bartolic,

    I will be building a new network, and I’m quite paranoid with having the intranet have access to the internet, should i be worried? I’m planning to separate the two by having two routers, one for intranet only and one is for internet only access. the intranet don’t really need internet access, internet access is only needed when emailing and access to informative site like yours!

    Thank you very much!

    • Igor Bartolic says:

      Hello Star,

      Thank you very much for posting this interesting question. You are right, you should be very careful when you provide internet access to your local network (intranet).

      Network device which is built for the network security is called the Firewall. In Firewall you define Security Zones (one or more interfaces – networks with the similar security requirements). A trust zone could be your local network or intranet and Untrust zone is the internet. With the Security Policy you define requirements for traffic between two Security Zones.

      Devices like wireless routers have built in firewall, so you can define Security Policies. More complicated networks (that have more and valuable resources) usually have more sophisticated network equipment – routers and firewalls.

      My advice is that you need some network expert to take care of your network access, especially if you have valuable resources in your network.

      Best Regards,

  3. Kevin says:

    Hello Igor

    I live on a farm with 4G/3G available in the area (no cable). However the house is in a small but deep wooded valley and the signal doesn’t reach into it. Can I run a DIY antennae to the trees on the hill (about 500 meters away) to pick up the signal and get it down to my computer?

    There is power in the house but not where the trees are.


    • Igor Bartolic says:

      Hello Kevin,
      Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. The best option for internet access in your case is satellite internet connection.
      In rural areas without DSL, cable or optical cables and with poor or without any 3G/4G signal satellite internet is the best (usually only) way to get an internet access.
      If you are already using a satellite provider for TV, the best way is to extend the service to satellite internet connection.
      Check more about this topic on:
      Satellite Internet Providers
      Cheap Satellite Internet

      Best Regards,

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