Cheap Wireless Internet – Find the best way to enjoy great amounts of mobile wireless internet data for almost free.

What are the best Ways for Getting the Cheap Wireless Internet?

A mobile operator plan only allows a limited amount of data for the  fair price. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of the internet, your monthly bill will be very high. When you frequently use the mobile wireless internet for the video, audio, gaming and downloads, this requires a lot of data usage. The problem is that mobile operators have limited resources for the high speed internet traffic, so their plans are in the most cases very limited.

Using these two simple steps you can save a lot of money:

  • Limit the usage of the mobile data traffic
  • Use the wireless home networks and free public WiFi for the services that use lots of data
  • Never use the mobile data traffic abroad

Limit the Usage of the Mobile Data Traffic

Wireless Internet Service Providers

Wireless Internet Service Providers

The rule of thumb, for a small bill, is to avoid using a 3G and 4G mobile wireless internet for the services that use lots of data.

Below listed services always use lots of data. If possible, never use them connected to the 3G and 4G mobile wireless internet.

  • Video streaming like YouTube and similar
  • Audio streaming
  • Podcasts
  • Vodcasts
  • Games
  • Downloads – any kind of download

Be also aware that frequent usage of the emails, web surfing, social networks and internet messaging can also spend a significant amount of data.

Limiting the usage of the mobile data traffic, the first step for cheap wireless internet, can be very simple, if you use the following:

  • Every smartphone have option for checking the usage of the mobile data traffic
  • The most mobile service providers have tools for checking the data usage on a daily basis.

Use the Wireless Home Networks and Free Public WiFi for the Services that Use Lots of Data

WiFi Hot Spot

WiFi Hot Spot

In the previous chapter, I have showed you what are the services that use lots of data. Avoid using these services over the mobile wireless internet connection or 3G and 4G to be able to have the cheap wireless internet. Instead, use the following wireless internet connections:

  • Wireless home network and business network with the WiFi connection
  • Free public WiFi services or WiFi hotspots

The best way to accomplish this is to:

  • Disable the mobile data connection and have always enabled only WiFi connection
  • Configure your smartphone to never switch from WiFi to the Mobile data

Disable the Mobile Data Connection

I usually have disabled the mobile data connection. I enable it only when there is no WiFi connectivity and I need an internet access. Do this rarely and never for the services that spends lots of data. This is not so big problem, because today there are so many places with the WiFi connectivity.

Configure the Smartphone to Never Switch from WiFi to the Mobile data

Disabling the mobile data connection most of the time is the best option. If you want, from some reason, to have always enabled both WiFi and Mobile Data connection, configure the smartphone to never switch from WiFi to the Mobile data.

All the smartphones prefer WiFi connectivity over mobile data, but when your battery is low, WiFi connectivity is turned off. To prevent big data usage over the 2G and 3G mobile wireless internet, configure the smartphone to never switch from the WiFi to the Mobile data connection.

Wireless Home Network and Business Networks with the WiFi Connection

broadband wireless router

Using the Business Wireless Networks for the Cheap Wireless Internet

The most enterprises and campuses have their wireless network and the most places are covered with the high speed WiFi connection. It is crazy to use the mobile wireless internet, when you have usually faster and more reliable WiFi connection.

Wireless Home Networks

The best way is to have the cheap wireless internet is to use the same providers for the phone, internet and television. This service is often called the triple play. DSL internet providers usually provide great triple play service.

Fast internet connections without any restriction or flat internet is not expensive, because with the one contract and one monthly bill you have the phone, internet and TV.  Usually you the wireless router and modem is included with the contract.

Always using the cheap wireless internet at home, instead of expansive mobile wireless internet, can save you lots of money. Don’t forget the tips I have mentioned before in this post, so you don’t end up with using mobile data instead of free WiFi.

Read more about the home wireless networks in the post Wireless Home Network – How to Set up WiFi Network that Meets All Your Needs.

Free Public WiFi Service or WiFi Hotspots

Today there are so many free public WiFi connections. It is very stupid to use the mobile wireless internet when you are in reach of these free WiFi hotspots. Most of coffee shops, fast food restaurants, restaurants, and other public places have free WiFi connection.

It is very easy to connect to the free or commercial WiFi hotspot. If you are not sure how to do it, or you have some doubts or question about it, please read the post Wireless Network Connection – Connecting to new Wireless Network.

Cheap wireless internet, or in this case free wireless internet, is quite easy to achieve thanks to more and more free public WiFi connections. More about the free public WiFi service you can read in the posts:

Now you know how the get the cheap wireless internet. If you are living in remote rural area, the satellite internet is the best choice for you.

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