Broadband wireless router, which kind of device is it? Find answers on this and much more.

What is a Broadband Wireless Router?

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The Broadband wireless router is a network device which can have the following functionalities:

  • Wireless access point
  • Network Switch
  • Router
  • Firewall
  • DHCP server
  • NAT
  • Modem (DSL, cable, fiber optics)

Wireless Access Point and WiFi Networks

Every broadband wireless router has a built-in wireless access point.  Wireless access point is a WiFi device which interconnects client WiFi devices to a wireless network.

Today virtually every gadget has a WiFi connection and can be connected to the WiFi network. I am sure you know that Smartphones, tablets and computers have WiFi connection. But you will be surprised that devices like thermostat, smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector, fridge, toaster, air conditioner, headphones, plant sensor, scanner, web controlled toys, scale, baby alarm, washer, T-shirt can have WiFi connection.

There is a similar device, like an access point, called a wireless repeater or a range extender. To check more about the wireless repeater, click on Wireless Repeater.

The broadband wireless router, with built in access point, can work on different WiFi networks. WiFi or WLAN networks can work on different WLAN standards. Check these standards on What Does WLAN Stand For and What are the 802.11 Networks?

More about the WiFi read on What is WiFi? What is WLAN? Is There a Difference Between Those Two?

What WiFi does stand for read on What Does WiFi Stand For, What is WiFi and How Does WiFi Work?

Network Switch, Router and Modem

Network switch is a device that exchanges packets within the same network based on the MAC address. The broadband wireless router, with its built-in network switch, has usually four Ethernet ports.

The router forwards packets between different computer networks based on an IP address. It logically connects our private wireless network with the public IP addresses to the internet.

The broadband wireless router can be a modem. Modem is device which enables the broadband internet connection. It can be the DSL, cable or fiber optic modem.

DHCP server, NAT and Firewall

The built-in DHCP server assigns the private IP addresses to the devices connected to the wired or wireless network.

NAT – Network Address Translation translates our private IP addresses to the public IP address. It also protects our wireless network in a way that it hides all our private addresses with the public IP address.

Security of the Broadband Wireless Router

To protect your WiFi network you have the following mechanisms:

  • Authentication and Encryption – WEP, WPA, WPA2
  • MAC filtering
  • Hiding of SSID
  • Firewall

Installing the Wireless Router seems easy. Sometimes wireless networks don’t have even a basic security. How to set up the security on your broadband wireless router read on Wireless Internet Security.

Firewall enables you to block some specific networks or protocols to reach your local network.

Choosing The Best Broadband Wireless Router

How to choose the Best Wireless Router you can read on The Best Wireless Router.

For better and a stronger wireless signal of your wireless router, the best solution is an outside antenna. On the best WiFi antenna discover about different kind of wireless network antennas.

You could also build your own antenna. Read about that on the Homemade WiFi Antenna – How to build WiFi Antenna.

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