What is the best Bluetooth wireless keyboard? That depends what you want from a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Here is a guide for the best wireless keyboard.

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Overview

bluetooth wireless keyboard

I recommend that you first check all the benefits of the wireless keyboard. After that, choose the most important for you. After this process you will have a guideline for choosing the best wireless Bluetooth keyboard for you and for your specific needs.

The Benefits of the Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Are you still using a classical wired keyboard? Maybe you are not aware of the all benefits of the wireless Bluetooth keyboard. In this chapter, you can find the main advantages of the wireless keyboard. My intention here is not to talk you into buying one, but to help you to choose the best bluetooth wireless keyboard for you.

The advantages of the wireless Bluetooth keyboard are:

  • You can use the same wireless keyboard for more devices.
  • You get more flexibility and mobility.
  • There are no cables on your desk – more freedom and less mess.
  • There are more free ports left on the computer.

Using a Same Keyboard for More Devices

In my opinion, the best benefit of a Bluetooth wireless keyboard is that you can use it not only for computers, but also for other devices like:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Game consoles
  • Smart TV.

With the help of the Bluetooth wireless keyboard, you have an option to turn your Smartphone, tablet or game console to real home computer. Our smartphones and tablets are great devices. They are giving you lots of mobility and flexibility. In spite of this, they are not the best choice for writing big messages and longer texts.  If you pair the wireless Bluetooth keyboard with the smartphone or keyboard, you can much easily and faster type and write longer texts on your mobile devices.

You get more Flexibility and Mobility

By using the Bluetooth wireless keyboard, you get greater flexibility and mobility compared to the classical keyboard. You are no longer restricted by the length of the cable from the keyboard. No need for plugging the cable in computer every time you move.

More Freedom and Less Mess

Without cable for the keyboard, there is less mess on your desk. Using of wireless Bluetooth keyboard is giving you more freedom and your workplace is much easier to organize.

There are More Free Ports Left on the Computer

Today there are lots of USB devices that we, in various situations, connect to our computer. This situation is causing the problem with a limited number of USB ports on the computer. If you use the Bluetooth wireless keyboard, you will have one more spare USB port  on your computer.

Disadvantages of the Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Besides all the advantages, wireless keyboard has some disadvantages. Drawbacks of the wireless keyboard are:

  • You need to use the batteries.
  • Wireless keyboards are more expensive.

You need to Use the Batteries

When you use the Bluetooth wireless keyboard, you need to have batteries. The lifetime of the batteries can be even more than a year. The lifetime depends on how often you use the wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Spending a few dollars for batteries every year is a small drawback comparing to all the advantages of the wireless keyboard.

Wireless Keyboards are More Expensive

The price of the wireless keyboards is always higher comparing to the similar keyboards with the cable. But the prices of good and quality bluetooth keyboards are very affordable. You can find a very good wireless keyboard for about $20. Spending this amount of money, is most probable not a big issue for you. When you see all the benefits, I think it is worth to spend few dollars more. What do you think?

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Choosing the Best Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for your Case

I already mentioned that choosing the best wireless keyboard depends on what you want from the keyboard and for which purpose you will use it the most.

Check the following guidelines for buying a wireless Bluetooth keyboard that would best suit your needs:

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