Read about the advantages of the Bluetooth printer, Bluetooth vs. WiFi wireless printers and how to turn the classical printer to the wireless printer.

The Bluetooth Printer Overview

All wireless printers have lots of advantages, find them here. WiFi printers are usually better than the Bluetooth printers, but the Bluetooth wireless printers have one great advantage. You can turn your old wireless printer easy to the Bluetooth printer. Find out how here.

The Advantages of the Wireless Printers

Wireless Printers have the following advantaged compared to the classical wired printers:

  • Less cables
  • Multiple devices can use one printer
  • Option to print while you are on the move
  • Possibility to print from the mobile devices

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Bluetooth Printers vs. WiFi Wireless Printers

WiFi and Bluetooth printers are probably best wireless printers. When you compare the WiFi and Bluetooth printers, it is crucial to compare the WiFi technology and Bluetooth technology.

Honestly, I don’t see the advantages of using the Bluetooth printers comparing to the WiFi printers. WiFi printers are better because the following features:

  • WiFi has greater range
  • WiFi has much faster transmission rates
  • WiFi enables better connectivity with more different devices at the same time
  • Better security

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Turning the Wired Printer to the Wireless Printer

It is quite easy to turn your old classical wired printer to the wireless printer. Thanks to the Bluetooth USB adapter your old printer gets the all advantages of the wireless printers: fewer cables, mobility, multiple users and the option to print from the mobile terminals.

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Bluetooth USB Adapters vs. New Wireless Printer

If you have a classical wired printer to the USB port, you can get for less than $50 the wireless printer. No need to bother with the wires, you can print while you are moving and even from the mobile terminals.

When you compare the price of the Bluetooth USB adapter, almost for the same amount of money you can buy the new wireless printer. My advice is to save a little bit more money and to buy the new wireless printer, because from $100 you can already find good wireless printers. If you have a great wired printer that you want to keep, then it is OK to buy the Bluetooth USB adapter and turn it to the Bluetooth printer.

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    Hi dear. thanks for ur information page here. i m using hp laser jet 3015 (all in one), which is a wired better printer. i want to turn it a wireless printer. will u plz guid me as follows!

    1- can i make it a wireless printer? and how?
    2- which one is the minimum priced device for this object?
    3- form where can i get it, and its price?

    waiting for and informative reply Fazal Habib Islamabad

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