Thanks to the Bluetooth cordless phone system, you can make and receive cell calls and landline phone calls with several handsets all over your home. Find out how to use a cell phone in your home without the need of carrying the cell phone around and having a problem with the weak battery. 

The Bluetooth Cordless Phone

What is a Bluetooth Cordless Phone System

The Bluetooth cordless phone system enables you to connect up to two cell phones in the same time. Make and receive calls from the connected cell phones and landline phone with up to six handsets. Use not only the intercom (handset to handset), but also the conference call functionality (with three handsets and one outside line). You can also use the digital answering machine functionality and transfer the phonebook from the cellphone to the handsets.

The Bluetooth technology enables the wireless connection between your cell phones (up to two) and the Bluetooth cordless phone system.  Find out more about the Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth applications and how Bluetooth works in the post What is Bluetooth and how Bluetooth works?

There are different versions of the Bluetooth technology with the different download speeds. Bluetooth also has three different classes that determine different ranges and the transmit power of the Bluetooth wireless adapters.  You can read more about these topics in the post Bluetooth Download Speeds – Data Rates of the Bluetooth File Transfer.

Setting up the Bluetooth Cordless Phone System

Setting up the Bluetooth cordless phone system is quite easy and fast. You can do it in three steps:

  1. Plug the power cord into the base station and into an electrical outlet.
  2. Connect the phone cable to your landline phone (if you have one) to the base station.
  3. Connect the cell phone to the base station via Bluetooth

The Benefits of the Bluetooth Cordless Phone System

The Bluetooth cordless phone system has lots of benefits. Check them below:

  • Multi-handset functionality – some systems support up to twelve handsets
  • Integration with one phone line
  • Integration with up to two cell phones
  • Intercom calls between the handsets
  • The conference call with three handsets and one outside line
  • Handsets have clock and wake up alarm functionality
  • Imitates the ringtones from the cell phone
  • Speaker phone functionality in the handsets
  • Copying the phonebook from the cellphone via Bluetooth
  • Voice mail
  • Answering machine
  • Tone equalizer
  • Call blocking

The Bluetooth Cordless Phones Conclusion

Cordless phones have typically quite big range. Handsets can be in range up to 100 feet or 30 meters from the base station without dropping the phone calls. With the six handsets you can cover a very big house.

You need to be aware that the Bluetooth technology doesn’t have so big range. The distance between your cell phone and the base station should be few feet to have good Bluetooth connectivity. There could be delays in few seconds when making and taking the cell phone calls.

Very interesting and useful functionality of the Bluetooth cordless phone system is the conference calls. The system supports the conference calls between the three handsets and one outside line.

If you have problems with the voice quality, it could be caused by the interference. The problem with the interference can be solved in four ways:

  • Moving a base station away from the wireless router
  • Choosing the different frequency channels on your Bluetooth cordless phone system
  • Choosing the different frequency channel on the other wireless systems (your wireless home network)

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