Here is a guide for the fast and easy configuration of the home wireless network security. How to set up the best wireless home security?

The Best Wireless Home Security Overview

 The proper wireless internet security can save you lots of money and help you to avoid problems with stolen identity even with low. Investing some time to learn about the home wireless security and configuring the best wireless home security is for sure one of the best investments in your life.

Setting up a Wireless Home Network

If you still don’t have the wireless home network, take some time for evaluation, before you buy wireless network equipment. With this you can save lots of money, but also you will ensure to get the best possible equipment needed for your home. More about the how to choose the best wireless network equipment for your home, you can read in the post Wireless Home Network – How to Set up WiFi Network that Meets All Your Needs. After choosing the right network equipment, the next step is the wireless network setup. The best procedure for wireless network setup is done in three steps:

  • Placing the wireless router in the best position for the optimal wireless network connection
  • Configuring the wireless network router with the best wireless home security
  • Maintenance of the wireless home network

The content of this post is mostly about the second step – configuring the best wireless home security.

Configuring the Best Wireless Home Security

Setting up a Wireless Router

Setting up a Wireless Router

Access to the Wireless Home Network

The wireless network has many advantages over a wired network. The wireless network disadvantage is that it is much harder to physically isolate access to the network. One of the tips for best wireless home security is to put the router in the middle of the room. This is a good solution because of two reasons:

  • Wireless home network will have better coverage and range
  • The range of your wireless home network will not go far from your home

Read more about how to setup your wireless router in the optimum position in the post Wireless Network Setup – The Optimum Wireless Home Network Configuration.

The Best Type of the Wireless Network Security

Use WPA2 for the best wireless home security. Never, but never use WEP. WEP, regardless the length of the WEP key, is very easy to crack. WPA is much better, but it also some security problems. The best choice is WPA2. For a long time all wireless routers have the option to use the WPA2, so please use it for the best wireless home security.

The Best Authentication and Encryption for the Home Wireless Security

With the WPA2 you can choose different kind of authentication and encryption mechanisms. For the best personal or home wireless security, use the PSK authentication and AES encryption. AES or Advanced Encryption Standard is used by the US government for the classified information, so I guess it is also good enough for you. If you want to go step further, and you have a spare computer, you can use the RADIUS server for authentication. With the RADIUS server and EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) authentication, you can have the enterprise security and the bulletproof wireless security. More about the RADIUS server, you can read in the post RADIUS Server Takes your Wireless Security to the Higher Level.

Tips for the Best Wireless Home Security

The first thing you need to do in the wireless router setup is to change default settings. Here are the best tips for the best wireless home security:

  • Do not use automatic setup, use the manual configuration
  • Change the Admin password, use non-dictionary password with combination of small and capital letters with the numbers
  • Change default SSID – don’t use names or other personal information
  • For WPA2 PSK or passphrase, use the non-dictionary password with a combination of small and capital letters with the numbers. It should be different from the admin password
  • Do not use WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
  • Enable the MAC address filtering

I highly recommend that you check the post Wireless Router Setup – Make Your Wireless Network Bulletproofed. There you can find detailed step, by step configuration on the Linksys wireless router. More about the best wireless home security read in the article Wireless Witch: How to Secure Your Wireless Network.

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